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The Transcript is dedicated to bringing you the most extensive selection of public record information in El Paso County. The Transcript provides information not available anywhere else. The leads in this publication are an essential business tool that will make you money.

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Public Records Published:

  • Warranty Deeds – The transfer of ownership of property from a seller to a buyer.
  • Notices of Election and Demand – Filed to notify all interested parties that the loan identified in this document is currently at default and that foreclosure proceedings have begun.
  • Judgments – This document reflects that a civil suit has been filed against an individual or company and a judgment has been rendered.
  • Marriage Certificates – Filed after the marriage license is issued.
  • Notices of Tax Lien – These documents are recorded by government entities to reflect non-payment of taxes by both private parties and businesses.
  • Incorporations – Filed with the Secretary of State when and individual or business incorporates.


Legal Records Published:

  • Public Trustee Sale Notice (foreclosures)
  • Notice of Sheriff’s Sale
  • Notice to Creditors
  • Name Changes
  • Summons
  • Notice of Guardianship
  • City Planning Agenda
  • Adoptions
  • Notice to show cause
  • Notice to Non-Custodial Parent
  • Property Sales
  • City Ordinances
  • Water Rights Applications
  • Building Contractor License Applications
  • Divorce List (Consolidated)
  • Notices of Hearing


Leads Available in Excel (click here for even more info):

  • Warranty Deeds
  • Notices of Election and Demand
  • Judgments
  • Notices of Tax Lien
  • Marriage Certificates
  • New Incorporations (weekly)