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On Monday afternoon, downtown hotelier and entrepreneur Perry Sanders formally abandoned his quest to repurpose Antlers Park as the sports and events center as part of a City for Champions proposal, stating he had found “a better downtown site.” Sanders confirmed the previous site was a last-ditch choice, brought forward because of time constraints. Unless […]

Preserve and cherish the past, or move forward to a bright and promising future? That community debate has taken many forms, most recently over Perry Sanders’ proposal to repurpose Antlers Park as the site of the sports and events center that was a key element of the 2013 City for Champions vision. Opponents of the […]

Since early summer, a development group headed by downtown hotelier Perry Sanders, Colorado Springs Switchbacks owner Ed Ragain and businessman Charles Ochs has been crafting a plan to build a downtown stadium and events center that would qualify for state support under the 2013 City for Champions proposal. The Sanders/Ochs/Ragain plan calls for construction of […]

The time has come to ask some difficult and uncomfortable questions about Keith King. The City Council meeting of Tuesday, July 22, was a particularly sad and dispiriting spectacle, magnifying questions about King’s leadership as Council president. King allows — even encourages — Councilors Joel Miller and Don Knight to make lengthy political speeches from […]

Living her dream Four nanoseconds into your visit with Wynetta Massey in her office, you can tell she’s laid back, a family woman and she knows how to laugh. On her bookshelves are the scripts of Monty Python, the British comedy troupe. You’ll also see her college degrees proudly displayed as well as many photos […]

Mayor Steve Bach offered City Council  an unexpected olive branch Wednesday when he appointed Wynetta Massey as city attorney and named Dan Gallagher aviation director for the Colorado Springs Airport. Both Gallagher and Massey had been serving as interim appointees. Mayor Bach has frequently declined to forward the names of interim appointees to Council to […]