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As disability employment advocates broaden their focus from merely awareness to inclusion, equal pay has moved to the forefront of public discussion. Kayla McKeon, a Capitol Hill disability employment lobbyist who has Down syndrome, talked about her work on the Transitioning to Integrated and Meaningful Employment Act during the Oct. 1 Employer Disability Awareness Forum […]

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Colorado Springs appealed to Daniel Ratcliff because of its career opportunities, but he stays because of the city’s intertwined country and urban lifestyles. And now he’s afraid that small-city vibe is disappearing. “The city is growing tremendously,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to see the more rural vibe go away, [but] it looks like it’s […]

For the staff at the Independence Center, it’s all about never seeing their clients again. That’s because their mission is to teach the disabled to be more self-sufficient, preferably completely independent, no matter what their disability might be. In the current economic climate, that effort takes more effort than ever before, and so the group […]