Stone Gym open house


Stone Gym, located at 5921 N Nevada Ave, will be hosting two Open House events from 6pm-8pm on both Thursday, December 28, 2017 and Thursday, January 11, 2018.

“This new year is a great time to begin working toward fitness goals,” says Stone Gym founder and director, Eric Barber. “Stone Gym specializes in workouts which produce amazing results in a relatively short time within a supportive community geared towards helping members achieve their fitness goals.

Barber brings 27 years of training experience with him to Stone Gym along with a long list of competition awards, and more than a decade of owning and operating a CrossFit gym in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Barber has recently returned to the Springs with new inspiration in Stone Gym.

“I am extremely motivated to help men achieve their fitness and life goals,” says Barber. “Stone Gym workouts are designed to make the modern man healthy, fit and strong by utilizing a unique blend of interval and cross-training methods including; weightlifting, bodyweight movements and cardiovascular workouts. I believe fitness should be a lifestyle, and camaraderie is an important aspect of training which is sometimes overlooked. Our physical condition impacts our entire life, including how we interact with others and how actively we engage in our world.”

Barber grew up with an athletic lifestyle and has a background in martial arts, football, and wrestling. He began his coaching career in 1989 in Charlotte, NC, as a certified personal trainer and group instructor.

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Over the next two decades, Barber spent most of his work experience as a fitness manager and/or trainer of numerous gyms and health clubs as well as working in psychiatric hospitals with at-risk youth.

In the early 2000s, Barber and his wife Luila spent several years assisting with The Thorn ministry as an actor, choreographer and director of the passion play’s dramatic fight scenes.

In the summer of 2007, Barber opened his own gym, Next Generation CrossFit, in Tulsa, OK. In his ten years of CrossFit gym ownership, Barber personally coached over 15,000 hours of classes, hosted dozens of competitions and events, and competed in numerous CrossFit, weightlifting and running events.

“At Stone Gym the emphasis is on a balanced, lifelong approach to health and fitness,” says Barber.

“Members who train with us receive well-programmed, effective workouts designed to help them achieve lean muscle, strength, bodyfat loss and increased energy while under the watchful eye of a seasoned, experienced coach who will motivate, challenge and inspire them in the process.”

The open house events are designed to give the community a chance to meet Barber, tour the gym, and ask questions in a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.

“I am here to train and inspire the warrior within and look forward to coaching men on to their next level of fitness.”

General information on the Stone Gym is available online at

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