Spring Back Colorado will soon be opening its doors


We are pleased to announce that Spring Back Colorado will soon be opening its doors and services to the Colorado Springs community. Spring Back Colorado blends social enterprise with environmental stewardship. By using a sustainable business model we offer premium mattress recycling services to retailers, universities, hotels, governments and the public by providing an alternative to landfills to properly dispose of post consumer mattress materials. We convert over 3000 mattresses per month into raw steel, fabric and foam. Since 2015, Spring Back Colorado has diverted over 4 million pounds of textiles from landfills alone and grown to the nation’s second largest mattress recycling company. But for us, simply recycling isn’t enough. Our mission statement is to create redemptive employment opportunities for disenfranchised people. To date, sixty three men have benefited from our program, 7 of them being U.S veteran. By creating meaningful job opportunities for the formally incarcerated, recovering addicts, homeless veterans and others, Spring Back Colorado doubles its social impact and becomes a stepping stone to a new life. Our employees have a genuine interest in rebuilding their lives and gaining skills that restore value, purpose and hope. We offer both drop-off and pick up services to ensure that we can functionally meet your mattress recycling needs. So please, join us in our efforts to keep used mattresses out of Colorado’s landfills and in doing so, help to provide employment opportunities to those who need it the most. To schedule a pick up near you or for more information regarding Spring Back Colorado and our new factory location/grand opening date, please visit www.springbackco.org in the coming weeks. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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