Rocky Mountain Forest Products puts people before business, and wants to do more

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On Friday, June 1, Rocky Mountain Forest Products (RMFP) will hold its annual Contractor Appreciation Lunch. And though this event may seem arbitrary, the luncheon holds a much greater significance than the name may suggest.

Beginning as a fence installation company in 1974, RMFP started building a close-knit network of employees and small contractors and homeowners alike. It’s never been about turning a dollar; the company invests time and effort into fostering a relationship with everyone who comes through the doors. 

“We didn’t build this business,” Says, Shane Hoefer of RMFP. “We built up people and they built this business.

Year after year the relationships RMFP created shed light on the struggles and needs of small builders in their communities, and lead RMFP to look for a sustainable solution. 

In most cases, the independent building contractors and remodelers RMFP was working with were unable to purchase material from wholesale companies making project costs unrealistic. RMFP decided enough was enough and began importing lumber directly from mills and selling it at wholesale prices to retail customers, and cutting out the middle man soon proved more savings and quality products for smaller builders.

Now, as the largest supplier in Colorado, RMFP still provides product “as natural and organic as the mountain and forests we hike in” to contractors and homeowners with a purchasing experience that far exceeds that of the big box options. And the company remains passionate about fostering growth and prosperity for everyone in what they call their “extended family.” 

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Its extended family has allowed RMFP to withstand decades of administration changes, foreign conflicts and financial downturns — and the economic effects that come with each — as well as solidify a front-row seat to future development in the state. In return, with three Colorado locations, RMFP has been able to create jobs in local communities and help small/independent contractors and homeowners achieve their goals along the way. But that just wasn’t enough in the humble company’s eyes.

RMFP has held the inaugural appreciation luncheon for nearly two decades, bringing its family of contractors, builders, building superintendents and property managers together with other trusted vendors under one roof to break bread together. 

“We’re creating a community around this lumber yard,” RMFP’s Darren West says. “They say ‘it takes a village…’ and that’s just what we have.”

This year’s June 1 lunch, presented by Fortress Railing, from 11am – 4pm at 10605 Charter Oak Ranch Road in Fountain, offers free food, vendor booths from Fortress Railing, Fiberon Decking, Humboldt Redwood Allweather Wood, Weyerhaeuser and more, and, of course, plenty of family time. 

See and find them on Facebook for more information. 

— By Tracie Weeks

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