Women of Influence Cover

Congratulations to our 2021 nominees! The Women of Influence committee spent hours combing through 50 applications — and every single one of you is a winner. Thank you for being engaged in Colorado Springs, working to change the world and for blazing a trail for the next generation of women leaders. We encourage each of you to continue to follow your passions and keep making a huge difference in southern Colorado.

Kristen Baker

Rachel Beck

Lisa Blattner

Jenna Bowden

Amber Brannigan

Haley Chapin

Leisle Chung

Valerie Martin Conley

Ashley Cornelius

Vickie Drew

Jessica Fierro

Mikki Gates

Renee Greenway

Joyce Heffner-Williams

Moni Hernandez

Crystal Howell

Julie Hutchison

Natasha Hutson

Earlon Juniel

Alicia Klausmeier

Sarah LaBarre

Stephanie Leasure

Megan Leatham

Somer Mese

Barbara Myrick

Theresa Newsom

Laura Neumann

Kieshia Pearson

Audrey May Prosper

Laurel Prud’homme

Athena Roe

Gina Sacripanti

Jennifer Smith

Julissa Soto

Mackenzie Maltby-Tamayo