A transformational coach and author, Amber Turner strives to help people move from unconscious to conscious mindsets so they can become the best version of themselves.

“Oftentimes in life, we’re on autopilot. We don’t know what we’re thinking. We don’t know what we’re doing. We just do,” Turner said. “My goal is to help people become very conscious of the thoughts that we’re having and what it says about ourselves and how we’re really feeling.”

Turner encourages her clients to focus on the present and examine their feelings, which she says “are the best compass for life to lead you toward your vision.”

Turner grew up in Georgia and lived in New York before moving to Colorado several

years ago. 

“I didn’t know anyone out here or anything like that,” she recalled. “I’d heard that Colorado was very family-oriented, a nice place to live and with great schools for my kids. So I took a step out on faith and moved on out here.”

Turner formerly served as the state director for the United States of America’s Miss Colorado Pageant. Now, she focuses her business endeavors on coaching and writing books.

One of Turner’s most popular books is You Choose Your Outfit. She wrote the self-help book to empower people to change their lives. Through that book and in her work, Turner said she hopes to help people recognize and shift patterns

of behavior that aren’t serving them well.

Turner spoke with the Business Journal about her experiences and the power of transformation.

As an author and a speaker, you talk about transformation for women. Why is that important to you personally?

I like to look at life and take a feminine approach. I specialize in utilizing feminine energy in our lives because I feel like that’s overlooked a lot. Sometimes people look at it as sign of weakness if you’re in your feminine energy, meaning that you’re in touch with your feelings and emotions and things like that. For me, when I had my own event production business and I served as the director for the pageant for the state of Colorado, I was also a wife at the time and a mother. I operated mainly in a masculine energy. I thought I had to do things in a certain way, which led me to burnout. I didn’t feel fulfilled, I experienced depression — a lot of things that didn’t serve me. After a few burnouts, I had to take a step back and take inventory of my life and the things that I was going through and say, ‘Well, perhaps there’s a different approach.’ I came across feminine energy. It was a different way to operate in my personal life and in business. For me, it helped me be more fulfilled and go with the flow and not be so logical about things sometimes and actually be in the present, which really helped me with stress. It was really a breakthrough for me. I like to share that with other people. If you’re experiencing burnout, depression, you’re not feeling fulfilled, you’re just stressed out all the time, then perhaps there’s a different approach you should be taking in your life that might serve you better. 

How did you become an author?

I never set out to be an author. I had a blog for a while that I just really poured all my thoughts into and shared some of my experiences with people and how I overcome. I shared some of my struggles and victories and people seemed to resonate with that. I thought, perhaps I can put this in a book and share my experiences in books. So I started writing books. My first book was about overcoming fear, because that is typically the first step for a lot of people when it comes to stepping into their purpose and wanting to have their dream life. You have to overcome fear and what other people think and all these obstacles. I wrote about my journey on how I took a step out on faith, even moving out here to Colorado, and how I overcame a lot of obstacles and fear and how it served me.

From there, I just started writing about mindset and things like that. My book You Choose Your Outfit is about transformation and the things that I had to transform about my life, about myself really. A lot of times we look outside of ourselves and we think that it’s all about the external. We think we have to change the external but it honestly starts with the inside, our belief systems and how we view the world and our perspectives on life. So I wrote about that.

I also wrote a children’s book about overcoming fear. It really was based off my daughter and her overcoming fear in school. She wanted to do a talent show and she was so fearful. ... It’s called The Fearless Muscle and it’s about how exercising that muscle helps you overcome fear and it gets easier and easier.

My latest book is 365 Beliefs to Glow Up. It’s about changing your internal belief system and how that’s going to be reflected in your external reality. It’s 365 prompted beliefs that you can journal on every day to help you change your internal belief system to better serve you in your life. 

When you talk with your daughter, what message do you try to convey to her — and what would you tell other young women in the community?

I think the biggest thing is building self-belief in yourself. Especially with women, I can’t speak for men, but we oftentimes look for validation outside of ourselves instead of building that self-confidence and self-esteem within ourselves. It’s important to do that. Especially growing up we often look at our peers to validate certain things and shape who we are instead of coming back to ourselves and saying, ‘Who do I choose to be?’ It is a choice. That’s a big lesson that I had to learn growing up and that I try to instill in my own children. You have a choice. ... Don’t look to other people to shape who you are. 

What would you say for many people is the first step in overcoming their mindset and setting themselves on a path to transformation?

In most sessions that I have with my clients, I ask them this critical question: How do you feel? Oftentimes we are not present enough to know how we truly, honestly feel, especially in that moment. A lot of times people answer the question like, ‘Everything’s good.’ But that’s not the question that I asked. I asked, ‘How do you feel? You should be in touch with how you feel about things, instead of suppressing it.’ Oftentimes as a society, we teach everyone — men, boys, girls — to suppress our emotions. We think, ‘I’m feeling this way right now,’ but we should ask: ‘What is that telling me about myself?’ People oftentimes go through life and have no clue how they feel. Am I satisfied? Am I overwhelmed? Am I depressed right now? Am I happy? Am I joyous? Does this make me feel good? That is a great compass for navigating your life because if something feels uncomfortable to you, perhaps you need to look at it and say, perhaps I don’t need to do this, or I need to take another avenue, or this is not for me. It’s not about what people say I should do, but how do I feel about this. Is it right for me? So coming back to your feelings and actually understanding how you truly feel is so important because a lot of people don’t even know how they feel. I tell people, you have to check in with yourself all the time periodically throughout the day. How are you feeling right now? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you feeling anxious? Don’t just think that it’s normal, that it’s a normal feeling. It’s telling you something that needs to change or that there’s something in your life that you need more of. It’s telling you something.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m being trained as a clinical hypnotherapist. That’s another service that I’m looking to add to my practice. Also, I want to do more courses to teach people about transformation, the subconscious mind and how powerful it is and how to really tap into their feminine side and how important it is to come back to yourself. Again, we often are trying to change things outside of ourselves. I don’t think people realize how powerful they really are when they are able to come back to themselves and sit in quiet and meditate on it and see how you’re feeling and not always just look to outside sources and people for validation. It’s really, truly about you.