Commercial cleaning businesses in Colorado Springs are seeing lots of new and repeat business due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as more and more business owners are hiring professional cleaners to try to provide a safe and disinfected environment for their clients and staff. For many businesses, the crisis has created several unique challenges — […]

Long before they were business partners, Aubrey Day and Stacy Poore had the nearly identical dream of opening a neighborhood grocery store in one of Colorado Springs’ underserved communities. Coincidentally, they each spoke of that dream to a mutual friend, who recognized the similarities and made an introduction. “She said, ‘Hey! I know somebody else […]

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By Bridgett Harris Running a successful, family-owned grocery store isn’t easy in an industry dominated by big-box chains with large advertising budgets. To thrive, smaller grocers work hard to create a sense of community, provide personal service and offer products customized to the unique needs of their customers. For two decades, Carniceria Leonela has embraced […]

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By Griffin Swartzell Sharai Johnson wanted to make change — and for her, that meant becoming a police officer. When the South Carolina native had the chance to choose the next duty station with her husband, an active duty soldier, she chose Fort Carson, intending to join the Colorado Springs Police Department. “I was looking […]

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By Bridgett Harris When entrepreneur Ellie RedCloud moved to Germany with her active duty military spouse more than five years ago, she faced a challenge common to most military partners — finding a new job in a new place and trying to reestablish her career. The nomadic nature of military life often means the non-serving […]

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By Bridgett Harris Marques White doesn’t get too much sleep these days.  By day, he runs Rainy Days Silkscreen Studio, the screen printing shop he assumed ownership of at the end of August 2019. By night, he works full shifts at a local treatment facility while he continues to grow his newly acquired business.  On […]

  By 1999, Dan Remus and Jef Strauss’ beloved Dalmatian, Geni, was getting old. The two had corporate jobs that kept them away from home for extended periods of time. “We were feeling guilty that she just wasn’t getting quality time with us,” Remus said. “I wanted to leave my job and start a business […]

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By Griffin Swartzell For many, slinging drip coffees and pulling espresso shots is something short term, a summer job after classes for high school and college students. And looking at the numbers, Vicy Stone seems like just that. She was 15 years old when she started working at The Daily Grind, a popular mainstay on […]

When Michael Canright and Jonathan Barnard started Cabinet Craft Finishes in 2018, the longtime friends saw the cabinet refinishing business as an ideal pairing of their skills. Canright brought his experience in running his own small businesses, as well as carpentry skills. And Barnard, who has a master’s degree in counseling, had people skills and […]

Growing up in the San Luis Valley in south-central Colorado, Diego Lujan learned early on the value of hard work. “Anybody that’s familiar with the San Luis Valley knows that you’re raised with a survival mindset,” Lujan said. “If you want something in life, you have to go out and get it.” Lujan said he’s […]

Since its founding in 1977, the Colorado Springs Dance Theatre has championed the local dance community. The 501(c)3 hosts dance events featuring some of the world’s premier companies, and offers educational and performance opportunities for the rhythmically gifted in Colorado Springs. Tens of thousands of people attend its shows and programs each year.  But the […]

From the time he turned 18, Jeffry Radspinner knew he wanted his own online business. But finding the right product and model took time. “I started messing around with all kinds of different businesses,” Radspinner said. “It was basically just e-commerce with different niches. I tried selling name brand designer clothing, video games … one […]

Back when Amaury Perez worked for a corporate information technology company, business travel took him all over the country. Over time, the endless succession of hotel rooms in different cities started to wear him down. “There was a couple years there where I was on the road 100 percent of the time,” Perez said. “When […]

When Humberto Rodriguez and his wife Elizabeth opened Pikes Liquor on March 13 — the day COVID-19 was declared a national emergency — they could hardly imagine the challenges that awaited them. The day of their opening, which was planned long before the coronavirus brought the economy to a standstill, the business made just $80. […]

When Akota Home Care CEO and Founder Jim Lindsay was hunting for a new location for his family’s home care business, the Castle Rock native saw an ideal fit in Colorado Springs. The business’ services include round-the-clock assisted care, regular registered nurse visits, light housekeeping, dementia and Alzheimer’s care, transportation, food preparation, personal hygiene and […]

Until last year, Shannon Ming was working in the financial industry. She had opened an independent insurance agency, but wasn’t finding the fulfillment she wanted. “It was going OK, but I lacked the passion,” Ming said. “I just wasn’t happy, so I took a step back. I wanted to completely rework my life; I just […]

Bárbara Santos-McAllister has fond memories of learning to make traditional Mexican dishes with her mother and two grandmothers while she was growing up in Mexico City. Cooking was so ingrained in family life that she never thought of it as a career. But after moving to Manitou Springs, Santos-McAllister started sharing her family recipes with […]

It took Megan Lytle a while to figure out her place in the world of work. But her path eventually took her from bartender to business owner. Lytle co-owns Lytle Electric with her husband, John, and has built the business into a powerhouse in a few years. The company offers services including new home electrical […]

Three years ago, Weston Paas, owner of Heart’s Fire Forge, posted an Instagram photo of custom knives he’d made for the groomsmen in a wedding. A representative of the History Channel TV show Forged in Fire saw it and reached out to ask if he wanted to be a contestant on the show, where smiths […]

Rachel Young’s love affair with houseplants is multifaceted. She loves their resilience, the fresh start they symbolize, and the fact that they’re a tangible reminder of her beloved grandmother. “And also, they’re just pretty,” Young said. “They’re so pretty.” When Young officially opened The Living Room Dec. 14 on East Rio Grande Street, the former […]

Diego Blandon has been passionate about aviation since he first started turning wrenches on aircraft. And as a former Marine and later a U.S. Army helicopter pilot, he knew that military pilots are prime candidates for commercial airline jobs. That was the genesis of Arapahoe Flight Club, which trains pilots for commercial jobs in a […]

Now that Deb Prewitt’s childhood passion for art has found its way back to her, the owner of Blue Twig Studio is helping stoke that same fire in others. “I firmly believe that everybody should have some kind of creative outlet in their life that helps keep them grounded and makes them happy,” Prewitt said. […]

When buyers tour a vacant home, Lydia Andrews knows they often lack the imagination to see its full potential. That’s where her home staging and design business, Maple & Moss, comes in. Since 2016, Maple & Moss has been working with Colorado Springs homeowners, real estate agents and builders to help transform their properties from […]

Steve Vance’s first meeting with his future wife, then Betina Hawk, was all business. Betina, who was working as a recruiter for a staffing agency, sent Steve on a job interview. Steve returned with bad news: The interview had gone well, but his visible tattoos cost him the job. Steve immediately began searching for companies […]

When Jason and Molly Smith adopted their first puppy in 2009, a miniature schnauzer named Jaeger, they fed her Hill Science Diet pet food on a veterinarian’s recommendation. “We didn’t do a whole lot of research,” Jason Smith said. That changed when Jaeger began exhibiting signs of “innumerable” health issues, Jason said. “Molly started doing […]

When Cynthia Anderson opened Fitness Machine Technicians last fall, she found that her 22-year career in the U.S. Air Force was, in some respects, a good foundation for being a small-business owner. From her work as a cyber officer at Peterson Air Force Base and later as an outreach officer at the U.S. Air Force […]

Kyle Freeland started waging war on bedbugs after an encounter with the little pests during a weekend vacation at a resort in Nevada. Both Kyle and his wife were bitten, but Kyle’s reaction was much worse than hers. “I was scared I was bringing them home in our bags,” Freeland said. “I decided from that […]

Neil Alexander and Steve Jones reached across the Atlantic Ocean to make sure their British-style fish and chips were as authentic as could be. Alexander and Jones are two of the six owners of The Chippy, which serves the British favorite, plus traditional meat pies, savory pasties, British sausages and British sides for lunch and […]

A handful of boarders have gathered at Tamarack Ranch in Fountain on a December afternoon. It’s a clear and unseasonably warm day, and the mountains — still capped with a light white dusting from the previous week’s snow — are a striking sight. Morena, a 12-year-old Quarter Horse, stands patient and unblinking as her owner, Febi […]

Runway lights from DIA. Zambonis from Denver Parks and Recreation. Estate jewelry and furniture. Heavy equipment and coins. Rock ’n’ roll memorabilia and Marilyn Monroe collectibles. Real estate. Those are just some of the items Rich and Shannon Schur have appraised and/or auctioned. “If it can be sold, we can sell it,” said Shannon Schur, […]

Jane W., a supervisor at a large retail store and the mother of two teenage boys, used to get a utility bill of almost $400 every month for her 800-square-foot home. “The house was built with no insulation and had a furnace from the 1930s that was built to last but operating at about 20 […]

When Mandalyn King’s husband deployed to Afghanistan with the Army nine years ago, she found herself searching for an outlet to keep her hands busy and her mind away from worry. The daughter of an avid gardener, King spent much of her childhood watching and helping her mother tend the family patch, so when her […]

Artist Rebecca Baum found that she works best in a comfortable, inspiring space. So when she bought the art education business that became Pikes Peak Artist Collective, she created a place where artists can feel at home. The studio on West Colorado Avenue is warmed by a double-sided fireplace. Large windows in the front open […]

Health and fitness devotees are fond of saying “Abs are made in the kitchen,” acknowledging that nutrition is as important as working out. But many people who manage to get to the gym on a regular basis struggle with the diet part of the equation. With limited time to cook, they rely on take-out, fast […]

Diana Hall considers that her business, ActivArmor, is still in the startup phase. That’s about to change. On Oct. 3, Pueblo-based ActivArmor was selected from more than 3,300 applicants to receive $100,000 in the first Pitch to Win contest. ActivArmor manufactures custom-fitted, 3D-printed splints that, unlike plaster casts, are durable, hygienic, waterproof and breathable. Since […]

October 16 will see volunteers dressing as plants to deliver sacks of fresh compost — via bicycle — to customers of Soil Cycle. Soil Cycle, a social enterprise business of Colorado Springs Food Rescue, gathers food scraps that otherwise would be dumped into landfills and converts them into compost. Subscribers can have their food scraps […]

The things you can do in a 700-square-foot space are limitless, Lauren Ciborowski says, and with The Modbo she’s spent the past decade trying most of them. The Modbo is a cozy space tucked in an alleyway in downtown Colorado Springs, and as proprietor and gallerist, Ciborowski fills it not only with paintings, sculpture, mixed […]

The Carter Payne Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church opened in 1897 as a haven of sorts for people of all creeds, backgrounds and occupations. A century of shifting demographics, population booms and revolving ownership has left the building at Weber Street and Pueblo Avenue surprisingly unchanged. Guests lounge in armchairs, chatting over bottles of local […]

Two days after Halloween, Jessica and Mark Modeer will close the doors on their beloved Zeezo’s forever. But the downtown costume store — a Springs institution after 40 years — has already steered them into a new venture that’s taking every spare moment. It came to Jessica after “a bad day at work” last November. […]

Flow Right Plumbing, Heating and Cooling owner Lance Harvey was having trouble finding licensed plumbers and HVAC technicians for his rapidly expanding business. So he decided to take matters into his own hands and train people for the jobs he needed to fill. Flow Right has instituted an apprenticeship program certified by the U.S. Department […]