I don’t need to tell you that 2020 has been brutal. The 24-hour news cycle ensures we’re well aware of that. Lately it seems many are overwhelmed by a terribly contentious election, with disasters around the world, with the ongoing pandemic, with politics that don’t seem concerned with actual people. 

It can make us feel like we’re isolated. That we are small. That we can’t make a difference. 

But we can. 

We can be kind and understanding. We can hold the door. We can wear a mask. We can smile at a stranger (OK, maybe just with our eyes). And we can give. We can give of our time, to our friends, neighbors and local nonprofits. 

And many of us can give some money. Now, more than at any time in my 20 years in Colorado Springs, our nonprofits need your support. The needs are greater than ever — the need for food, the need for housing, the need for health care, the need for positive experiences and inspiration. Our local nonprofits provide all of these things.

“Live Here, Give Here” has been the story of the Give! Campaign since its inception in 2009. During that time, Give! has helped raise more than $13 million through nearly 100,000 donations for 223 Pikes Peak region nonprofits. Give! enables nonprofits to be heard and recognized. It does this by gathering media partners and connecting them with nonprofits. Give! provides training sessions for those nonprofits, enhancing their means of engaging their community and getting their message out. Give! connects nonprofits, so they can learn from each other and partner with each other. Give! helps organize matching grants so donors’ dollars go further. And Give! leverages our fantastic community to provide rewards to the donors, encouraging them to give at higher levels.

Can my little contribution of time or money really make a difference? Can my $5 or $10, or my few hours of volunteer time, really help? It will. It is. It does.  

Often hiking our trails I come across where someone, some time back, took a few moments to stack a few stones, starting a little cairn to guide others on their way. Other hikers took a few moments to add their few stones, and before too long there’s a giant mound along the trail. Those little contributions add up and together make a difference.

Let’s make a difference. 

Tim Kranz

Give! Campaign board chairman