To the Editor:

How wonderful that the Business Journal continues to promote projects like the 30- to 100- (his words) story apartment building proposed by Perry Sanders.

Both of these gentlemen are perfectly comfortable with building a tower over the gentle, low buildings of downtown Colorado Springs, blocking the view of the Rockies and Pikes Peak from north, south and east of their structure so that they can make money for investors and themselves.

They won’t have to live with the construction mess, mourn the loss of the view of the Rockies and deal with the added traffic.  They will continue to wrap their profiles around the “promotion of Colorado Springs” rhetoric that appeals only to other developers and real estate folks.

We already have good, solid, local business firms with plans for additional apartment structures in the downtown area that fit into the existing structural landscape. These companies are located here, established here and provide continuous decent-paying construction jobs here. Mr. Sanders’ two existing projects are perfectly good examples of the type of structures that fit into this landscape without destroying it.

Will Mr. Sanders and his partner ask for tax breaks from the city? How much construction and operational trash will Perry Sanders and his partner be willing to haul out to Mr. Sanders’ personal property year after year, so our landfills will not be filling faster than they already are? How many years of noise, dust, construction diversion and traffic interruption should downtown Colorado Springs have to deal with for this project? How much precious water will this project use in construction, let alone operation? This even assuming that the project is ever filled and profitable. And, what will happen to the very essence of a city that values its environment?

I am a steady reader of your publication. I cannot figure out why you continue to promote projects that don’t bring “good” business ventures to the area. I suggest the last thing downtown needs is some gargantuan apartment projects employing janitors and maids. We need clean energy, high-tech research and production companies that bring in good-paying jobs.

To get those, we need schools that people want to have their children in, a well-educated population and good roads leading to all kinds of housing that allows people to live in harmony with this beautiful land.

If Mr. Sanders is really motivated by his love of downtown Colorado Springs, why isn’t he promoting tasteful apartments that blend in? It is the Rockies landscape that makes this region what it is.  Why should any developer be allowed to disrupt it? Who wants to climb Pikes Peak and look over the city with such a structure sticking up over Colorado Springs?

If Mr. Sanders wants to build a high tower, perhaps he should consider moving his project to Denver. When you’re in Denver, you have hardly any idea where the mountains are. So no one will care about one more tower.

Colorado Springs has its own charm, its own character. I am sure that any planner worth his salt can design apartments for the downtown and preserve those qualities.

People who live in El Paso County say they like going to Denver, but would not want to live there. We choose to live here because Colorado Springs is not Denver. Clearly, Mr. Sanders does not spend enough time here to know that.

I suggest the Business Journal needs to take stock of what people who live here value. If it wants to be a benefit to this community and be taken seriously, it must show that it truly understands what attracts people to El Paso County. Often that is not evident because you seem to promote businesses that devalue the best qualities of this region.

This particular project shows what the developer cares about (his ego) and what he does not. That attitude is not respectful of the preservation of the beauty of the Pikes Peak region.

If the Business Journal is not a steward of those qualities the residents value, why would anyone care about what business issues you choose to write about?

— Judith Carnick

Manitou Springs