Transit Mix profit shouldn’t trump quality of life

Regarding Jerry Schnabel’s Jan. 26 letter to the editor: Indeed, as Mr. Schnabel stated in his letter, we don’t control property we don’t own. So, that means Mr. Schnabel et. al. should not control properties he does not own either, correct? However, adjacent landowners do have a right to contest the actions of a neighbor when those actions adversely affect one’s own property. In this case, the mining operation threatens the wells and the entire water supply of nearby property owners, their health, safety and access to their properties.

I don’t expect to roll over and play dead while Transit Mix threatens my property and my family’s health, well-being and quality of life.

We need water to live, not profit!

It is not necessary for any entity to ruin the lives and real estate of many friends, families and neighbors for the sake and greedy gain of one absent, detached landowner and an equally greedy Transit Mix Concrete Company, which also remains detached from the fundamental sustaining needs of our Colorado Springs community.

All this destruction for a purported 18 percent profit to this corporation? Meanwhile, our entire community stands to realize a negative profit to our well-being of 82-100 percent immediately, and thereafter compounded exponentially for the life of this mine operation.

This is not a case of “buyer beware” either;  we bought our property over 25 years ago.

I ask for the help and support of our community in this critical matter, please.

Bertha Delgado

Landowner adjacent to proposed quarry

Quarry will have ‘devastating visual impact’

In response to Mr. Jerry Schnabel’s letter to the editor published on Jan. 26:  An “effectively invisible” quarry? This is from the company responsible for the Pikeview scar. View shed analysis indicates that property owners who live on Little Turkey Creek Road to the east of the proposed quarry as well as everyone who drives along Highway 115 will have a clear view of the quarry and the new access road to the quarry. The quarry will have an absolutely devastating visual impact on property owners within the Eagles Nest development, which is located immediately to the west of the quarry. These owners will have a view over the quarry pit, fines pile and processing plant. We are waiting with bated breath to experience the “effectively invisible” quarry. Owners and guests will have to drive right past the quarry processing plant and pit as they head west up the canyon to Eagles Nest. Perhaps we will need to learn how to drive up the road with our eyes closed?

Nancy Reed

Eagles Nest property owner