Lamborn’s record of failures

Election time is fast approaching, and our community must ask itself whether Doug Lamborn the right person to represent us in Congress.

Of the 34 pieces of legislation he’s introduced, none have been signed into law, and 28 of those have never made it out of committee. We have paid him about $1 million, excluding perks, for six years of service. That amounts to $30,705 for each piece of legislation.

His legislation, which passed the House, sought to de-fund public television and radio. He gathered no co-sponsors, so one might assume he is a social outcast.

With such a poor service record, a good employer would terminate his employment and not keep him around because he might have a charming personality.

What has Doug Lamborn cost his congressional district? Oil, gas and mining are Lamborn’s largest contributors and that includes the Koch Bros. followed by real estate, finance and defense.

Lamborn sponsored or co-sponsored six earmarks totaling $16 million in fiscal year 2010. Some of the earmarks went to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio and to other no-name cities Utah, Mississippi and Connecticut.

Time and demographics are passing by Lamborn. He will not debate, and we really don’t know his positions on energy, women’s issues or the Ryan budget. Is he really Pro-Life/Pro-military?

He’s voted to cut funding for programs such as Women, Infants, & Children, Planned Parenthood and the SNAP program (food stamps). El Paso County has the highest child-poverty rate in the state yet he’s voted to cut funding.

He claims to be pro-military, but has tried to cut military medical funding, and the WIC program helps our younger military families through tough times.

Would you call these actions pro-life?

The city is changing and so is the state and country. We need someone in the 5th Congressional District that will change, too. Doug Lamborn is not that person.

— Gary Casimir, Colorado Springs


Protect seniors’ health benefits

More than 22 million retirees have already lost their employer-sponsored health care coverage and another 14.3 million retirees are at risk.

With the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act now behind us, elected officials must turn their attention to saving the health care of America’s seniors.

We celebrated National Grandparent’s Day last month, and wouldn’t it be ideal if Congress honored us by stepping forward to advocate for us?

In my career, I was told, along with millions of other workers, that in exchange for accepting lower pay and less vacation time, the company would fund health care benefits for the lifetime of our retirement. But greedy modern day CEOs are going back on that financial commitment, throwing the cost onto state and federal governments and into retirees’ laps.

Congress must protect retirees and pass the Earned Retiree Healthcare Benefits Protection Act (HR 1322) to halt employers from making more health care cancellations. It is a must.

I urge our elected officials to do the right thing for America’s grandparents and I also ask retirees to join ProtectSeniors.Org, which is leading the charge to protect our health benefits on Capitol Hill.

— Bob Raskey, Falcon