Doctors endorse Memorial lease

Physicians across Memorial Health System and throughout our community are supporting 1A, a plan that would allow our city to lease the hospital to University of Colorado Health. This plan provides an opportunity to not just continue the great care you receive today, but also to enhance that care with more choices, resources and support.

By passing 1A, we have the opportunity to create something great and enduring for the citizens of Colorado Springs. What is it? A Colorado-based health system, built on shared values, which incorporates the strengths of community care and academic medicine.

This newly formed health system will deliver many opportunities to improve the quality of health care for the citizens of Colorado Springs. This association will bring additional health care resources and jobs to our city, create the strength to attract, train, and retain high-quality physicians in our community through creation of a medical education campus, and enhance our already robust pediatric and adult health care services.

It will create economies of scale for purchasing and operations by leveraging the power of a large multihospital system. Additionally, it creates a regional referral center in our community for all of southern Colorado, western Kansas and northern New Mexico.

Finally, this lease will ensure we continue to have the financial wherewithal to provide top of the line services for our military service men and women, and our underserved and indigent populations.

As we see it, this lease is the best alternative for Memorial Health System. Failure to approve this lease would be a calamity for the health system, the patients and the citizens of Colorado Springs.

The physicians in this community, despite much adversity throughout this process, have put politics aside to continue to provide this community with outstanding medical care. Leasing Memorial to University of Colorado Health will allow us to provide even higher quality care, now and for the long term.

Now it is time for all of us to stand up and be counted.

With your support, the passage of 1A on Aug. 28 will mark one of the greatest moments in the history of this community and we urge you to vote YES.

Karen Anthony, M.D., Chief of Staff, Memorial Health System

Robert Kiley, M.D., Chief of Staff-Elect, Memorial Health System


Exception to other reporting

In response to “Religious lawsuits fill court dockets” (Focus, Aug. 10):

Separation of church and state is a favorite issue of mine and I read so many slanted articles on this hot-button issue.

Amy Gillentine wrote a nicely balanced article that represented both sides yet gave me no clue as to her personal bias.

Objective reporting is in short supply these days. Kudos to her.

Bruce Boutwell

Orlando, Fla.