To the editor:

We want to thank the community for engaging in the recent election for the School District 11 measures. Although it is disappointing that 3C and 3D, the mill levy override and bond, did not pass; we will honor the democratic process. What happens next? We are currently analyzing the outcome of both measures and plan to move forward, because our students need better, safer environments and updated schools and facilities in which to learn.

In the days, weeks, and months ahead, the Board of Education and I will be seeking to gain feedback from community members so we may determine what, specifically, in the plans was undesirable to our voters. It will be important for the community to come together to provide the direction for the district to take on how to improve the education and safety of our students. Rest assured, the board and I will remain engaged, because we all want a solution that is educationally sound, fiscally prudent, community driven and district supported. We know that our facility and state funding issues will not go away and look forward to working with the community to create a legacy of good schools for today’s students and generations to come.

We’d like to hear from you regarding your vote on 3C and 3D, along with your thoughts on solutions. Please visit our website at and fill out the electronic feedback form. You may remain anonymous on this electronic feedback form, but if you’d like to be contacted or submit your name and contact information, those options are available.


Nicholas M. Gledich, superintendent of Colorado Springs School District 11