To say that 2020 has been a difficult and challenging year is certainly stating the obvious. The pandemic brought cataclysmic change to almost every aspect of our lives. We’ve been forced to view life through a new lens and experienced a heightened level of awareness regarding how and where …

To the Editor: When I originally read the CSBJ Young Professional profile of Maria Bay in the Nov. 16 issue, I was struck — really, gut-punched — by Ms. Bay’s words in answer to your journalist’s question, “What do you love about Colorado Springs?” Ms. Bay, an American citizen, a COS small business owner, and […]

To the Editor: It’s quite an accomplishment of Dan Nordberg to extol the virtues of the Trump-GOP tax cuts and their alleged benefits for small businesses without offering any quantifiable or verifiable data to support his claims (Opinion: Tax reform continues to power small business growth in Colorado, Oct. 12, 2018 CSBJ). Instead, he offers […]

Transit Mix profit shouldn’t trump quality of life Regarding Jerry Schnabel’s Jan. 26 letter to the editor: Indeed, as Mr. Schnabel stated in his letter, we don’t control property we don’t own. So, that means Mr. Schnabel et. al. should not control properties he does not own either, correct? However, adjacent landowners do have a […]

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To the Editor: As a Colorado Springs native, I’ve always been disappointed in my hometown always thinking of itself as small. My outlook over the years has been shared with various business leaders and mayors: Colorado Springs is at the base of the mountains; Denver and Pueblo are not. But our downtown is tired. There’s […]

To the Editor: On behalf of the Colorado Springs School District 11 Board of Education, staff and myself, I would like to take a moment to thank the D-11 voters for passing the mill levy override. The MLO passed by a 57-percent vote, and we are deeply grateful to our voters for making this critical […]

Is the purpose of ballot question 2A to fund the city’s stormwater program, or is it actually to provide an $18 million/year windfall for the Mayor and City Council to use however they wish to do so? The city and Colorado Springs Utilities are obligated by the Southern Delivery System Intergovernmental Agreement to spend $460 […]

A top metro area to start a business. The second-most desirable place to live. One of the 10 hottest real estate markets to watch. Colorado Springs is taking its rightful place among the best cities in the country, as evidenced by these and other recent rankings. Unfortunately, we also lay claim to a less favorable […]

To the Editor: Next month, voters in Colorado Springs and El Paso County have an opportunity to set the stage for significant improvements in our transportation and storm drainage infrastructure. As a volunteer on boards dealing with our region’s vital infrastructure, I support both initiatives. Colorado Springs question 2A asks for approval of a $5 […]

John Hazlehurst is right on target. COS SHOULD have its own brand. We have been piggybacking on others’ accomplishments forever. If not the AFA, it’s the Olympic Training Center. And round and round we go. We have so much more to offer. Why doesn’t someone just look to the west for inspiration. There, with the […]

In a recent edition of the Colorado Springs Business Journal, John Hazlehurst suggested that Olympic City USA may not be the right brand for Colorado Springs. Really? Colorado Springs has a wonderful, small-town feel, but a heart and spirit as big as any top-tier city. We have Pikes Peak — a glorious mountain that beckons […]

About the Gallagher Amendment: a. There are many classifications of real and personal property, but for this discussion we will include property that people live in as “residential” and all other property, to include personal property, as “non-residential.” b. Just prior to the enactment of what is referred to as the Gallagher Amendment to the […]

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To the Editor:  Many of us who reside in the Highway 115 corridor a few minutes south of Colorado Springs were not surprised by Transit Mix Concrete Co.’s recent petition to the Mined Land Reclamation Board to reconsider the board’s Oct. 27 decision that denied a mining application on Hitch Rack Ranch. Transit Mix now […]

To the editor: We want to thank the community for engaging in the recent election for the School District 11 measures. Although it is disappointing that 3C and 3D, the mill levy override and bond, did not pass; we will honor the democratic process. What happens next? We are currently analyzing the outcome of both […]

To the Editor:  Currently, too many Coloradans are either uninsured (370,000), or under-insured (870,000) — covered by policies with such high deductibles ($3,000-$10,000) that they cannot afford to go to the doctor anyway, except in a catastrophic medical emergency. Amendment 69, also known as “ColoradoCare,” would provide excellent coverage, with a zero deductible. Industry wants […]

To the Editor: How wonderful that the Business Journal continues to promote projects like the 30- to 100- (his words) story apartment building proposed by Perry Sanders. Both of these gentlemen are perfectly comfortable with building a tower over the gentle, low buildings of downtown Colorado Springs, blocking the view of the Rockies and Pikes […]

To the Editor: For more than 15 years (1987-2003) in my capacity as a city official, I oversaw the operation and maintenance of your city’s 1,400 miles of streets. During those years, our citizens, taxpayers and voters funded our street resurfacing and preventative maintenance programs through a variety of methods. Back then, the results spoke […]

D-11: Don’t be fooled again To the Editor: Great schools are critical to the economic health of our community. Great schools are important to economic development and important to every parent in Colorado Springs. Our largest school district, D-11, is under threat from a slate of candidates calling themselves “reformists” and expressing their candidacy as […]

To the Editor: I was pleased to read the CSBJ’s October 2 opinion of the need to deal with TABOR and the resulting stranglehold on state and local government.  However, the Journal’s assertion that Amendment 23 is a parallel contributor toward crippling the state’s ability to fund much-needed projects is misleading.  It is true that, […]

To the Editor:  As we move into August, we draw closer to the state’s largest agricultural summer event, the Colorado State Fair, where families learn more about where their food comes from, the role agriculture plays in their lives and how farmers and ranchers care for livestock and land. There have been questions as to […]

Supporting new chamber idea In response to “Let’s hear Chamber ideas,” the editorial in the Dec. 6 Business Journal: My experience of being the director of membership sales and selling memberships for organizations has been some of my most enjoyable work. The chamber of commerce division of our Regional Business Alliance (RBA) is floundering with […]

Why can’t we work together? The civic engagement trip to Omaha a few months ago, following those to Portland, Oklahoma City and Austin, brought forth an interesting comparison of statements: From former U.S. Sen. David Karnes, R-Neb., as quoted in the Business Journal: “Having business leadership and government leaders work together is the reason we […]

When the president signed the “Continuing Resolution” to fund federal government operations for the rest of this year, it was a somewhat anticlimactic temporary truce in the ongoing Washington budget battles. But it was an important victory for a group we call the Regional Coalition for Strategic Federal Action and, more importantly, for all of […]

Museums can make the city much better The Space Foundation certainly agrees with your editorial suggesting that Colorado Springs focus on museums — especially the idea that local museums should collaborate to magnify their impact on the community. We recently opened the Space Foundation Visitors Center, which currently comprises the Northrop Grumman Science Center featuring […]

Lamborn’s record of failures Election time is fast approaching, and our community must ask itself whether Doug Lamborn the right person to represent us in Congress. Of the 34 pieces of legislation he’s introduced, none have been signed into law, and 28 of those have never made it out of committee. We have paid him […]

Doctors endorse Memorial lease Physicians across Memorial Health System and throughout our community are supporting 1A, a plan that would allow our city to lease the hospital to University of Colorado Health. This plan provides an opportunity to not just continue the great care you receive today, but also to enhance that care with more […]

As Colorado Springs wrestles with business tax questions, it should ask the simple question of what tax structure would most align business taxes with the demands a business places on local governments — i.e. be the most fair to businesses. The traditional ways of taxing businesses are on their property and income. Neither arguably is […]

I’m writing in response to Raphael Sassower’s Dec. 16 editorial, “Eliminate the Fire Dept?” My initial reaction to the article was one of disappointment and frustration. This stems from the multitude of inaccurate information and lack of understanding from an author that has admittedly yet to find himself in need of emergency services. We appreciate […]

I applaud the Colorado Springs Business Journal coverage of the recently released 2011 Quality of Life Indicators report. This is relevant community reporting with important social and economic impacts. I would, however, like to clarify some of the issues addressed in the section of the article on suicide. This is not the first time the […]

I don’t understand why the federal government keeps trying to stick its nose in our business here in Colorado. It seems like every few months or so, Congress or the Environmental Protection Agency keeps trying to take over regulation of our oil and gas industry. The state already does a bang up job but still, […]

A committee got together to create a horse and ended up with a camel.” It seems like we are asking everyone and their dog to come up with an idea for a brand and trying to please everyone and every special interest group in the Springs, we are going to get a dud or perhaps […]

I am in general agreement with Raphael Sassower’s recent opinion piece on “looking outside the military for a brand,” but his gratuitous comments about retired military people demand a response. He said (without any substantiation) that retired military people in our community “don’t like taxes because their kids are no longer of school age.” A […]

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I have had the privilege of both living in Colorado Springs for most of my life and practicing medicine here for nearly 28 years. We are extremely fortunate to have two competing, but collegial hospital systems in our city that are mission driven to provide care to all, regardless of financial status. I have been […]

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Raymond Keating’s Sept. 24 column, headlined “U.S. needs less government to thrive,” showed he’s not much of a myth-buster. His first myth: Government spending will boost — or “stimulate” — the economy. He destroys this with the hard evidence of opinion polls. By his fallacious logic, government spending doesn’t work because a July 2010 Rasmussen […]

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A thank you to John Hazlehurst for explaining both sides of the HB 1365 debate (CSU takes contrarian view on gas, April 2). I would like to provide additional information critical to the issue. While low-cost, low-sulfur coal provides the majority of the power for our community, Colorado Springs Utilities already has a diverse mix […]

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As this country tries to reign in the deficit and increase employment, we need to maintain certain tax incentives that encourage businesses to stay open and maintain productivity. Therefore the federal government’s proposals to raise taxes on the oil and natural gas industries at this critical time for the economy is particularly ill advised. I […]

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Press reports coming out of Haiti tell of hope and hopelessness, heroic rescues and somber burials. The disaster hit us hard here in Colorado Springs. Some of our neighbors were victims. Predictably, though, news coverage and commentary are now turning away from the victims and toward arguments about who is to blame and what should […]

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RE: Jan. 29 story “Spending in Springs keeps money here, locals say” As the Whole Foods Market representative largely responsible for (and highly passionate about) establishing relationships with local farmers in the Rocky Mountain Region, I’d like to address the inaccurate comments made in Amy Gillentine’s January 29th article, Spending in Springs Keeps Money Here, […]

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Colorado Springs, as a community, is currently grappling with the problem of chronic homelessness, as evidenced by the “campers” in our parks and wetlands. The Marian House is hosting a pair of evening meetings for all to discuss the issue and put forth ideas. My puzzlement is why has not our community seized on an […]

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As the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, I get many questions about the upcoming 2010 Census: What is it? Why should I fill out my questionnaire? Is it safe? Is it really that important? My days are spent working with local governments and communities, and in addition to the questions I’m […]

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With the help of many in the community, the Health Department has made progress toward providing H1N1 flu vaccination to residents of El Paso County. So many individuals and organizations have pitched in time, equipment, resources, facilities and support for this vital effort! On behalf of the El Paso County Board of Health and the […]