Zac – Rising Stars 2020–10

Zac Egeler is defined by his faith — it both sustains and guides him.

“I believe in Jesus Christ,” he said. “My faith is what drives me to get up and make a difference in the world.”

The Colorado Springs native says his Christian faith is part of the reason why he wanted to work for Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado.

“I love the mission,” he says. “You can’t beat the mission — we feed people; it’s so important. I’ve volunteered here and was very excited to start work here after college.”

Care and Share hired Egeler as a controller before promoting him to the chief financial officer position. Since then, the 26-year-old has proven to be a tremendous asset to the nonprofit organization.

“Zac has earned the respect and trust of Care and Share’s board, employees and volunteers for his financial stewardship,” said Chris Bender, president at Care and Share. “Zac is financially wise beyond his years and is wonderful with people.”

Egeler started out working on the financial side of his family’s business, ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration, before moving into his role at Care and Share. He also now has a master’s degree in accounting and recently passed the Certified Public Accountant exam on his first try.

Egeler’s faith leads him to be involved and engaged outside of work as well. He is on the board for Family Promise, an organization that helps find solutions for homeless families. He loves to fly fish and attend church, and helps out with local soccer leagues.

But his love of people doesn’t stop with local volunteer efforts. Both he and his wife Haydn are involved with mission work in India.

“Of all of the driven and accomplished rising professionals I know, Zac stands out,” said Baseline Growth Capital’s Founder and CEO Joel Gheen in his nomination letter. “He selflessly walks what he believes, for the benefit of those who need it most, even at great personal cost to himself.”

Gheen has put together mission trips to remote areas of India, to conduct humanitarian relief for impoverished people in southern regions of the nation. Egeler has gone on the last two trips, he said

“I’ve put him through the wringer,” Gheen said, “from having him prepare and lead classes for adults across huge cultural gaps to organizing activities with dozens of orphaned children.”

Egeler used his personal networks to raise money for the projects and paid his own way, Gheen said.

For his part, Egeler said the Rising Star award is an important milestone.

“My boss put me up for this award,” he said. “And that means a lot to me. I’ve worked hard throughout my life and it means a lot to be recognized as a young professional. More importantly, I’m excited to be able to do good moving forward.”

That drive to do good is one thing that makes him a Rising Star. Egeler says his work ethic is something else that sets him apart.

“There’s no substitute for hard work,” he said. “My dad always said the most talented person can be beat by someone who works harder. There’s just no substitute.”