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Danielle Gaffney has made a name for herself at Stockman Kast Ryan + Co and in the Springs by helping her clients to plan for the future and her colleagues to stay connected.

“I’m an accountant … which doesn’t always turn into being in the community,” she says. “I think a lot of people think that accountants sit in the background and record — but the best accountants help you plan for the future.”

She has a passion for helping people make financial decisions and plans for pursuing their dreams, giving advice on business structuring and how to plan for taxes.

“Danielle approaches work with a ‘can do’ attitude, particularly when it comes to improving a current process or overcoming a perceived constraint,” Zachary Barker wrote in her nomination.

In mid-2018, SKR sent her to a leadership symposium hosted by DFK International, an organization of tax, accountancy and other business firms. She brought that knowledge back and used it to train her colleagues in the tax department. In 2019, she continued her leadership education and enrolled in Leadership Pikes Peak’s LeadershipNow! Program. There, she learned about the history and makeup of the Pikes Peak region, as well as who’s making an impact in the Springs.

“I think it’s important to surround yourself with impactful people and learn from them,” she says.

She supports her co-workers’ health and social wellness as well as their professional development. Her work spearheading the firm’s health committee helped earn them recognition as the healthiest medium-sized company of 2017 by the Colorado Springs Business Journal as part of the 6035 Lifestyle program. She also plans activities to help her co-workers stay close socially.

“We work a lot together, and it can be hard to be in the office for so long, so we try to find fun ways to keep us connected together… like an office olympics, or other fun activities like a game night,” she says. “It’s [important to] lend an ear sometimes and support other people.”

Outside of work, she serves as treasurer for Colorado Springs Rising Professionals, where she applies her accounting expertise to help the organization get the most out of its money.

“I’ve been trying to help people understand how the money works,” Gaffney says. “I’ve tried to be informative to people who don’t think about that stuff so we can run the best organization and make the most impact and streamline profits so it’s easy to track.”

She earned her bachelor’s degree in business with emphasis in accounting at UCCS, and still plays an active role there. She’s part of the alumnae advisory committee for the UCCS chapter of Pi Beta Phi, where she helps manage budgeting for the chapter and educates sorority sisters about budgeting and philanthropy.

Gaffney’s a leader and a helper who shows up, listens and does what she can, mixing empathy, initiative and niche technical skills.

“I actually enjoy Excel,” she says. “It’s always good to have one person in the room who does.”