If anything defines Alexis Thompson’s approach to managing client accounts and marketing efforts at local IT company Amnet, it’s her focus on customer service. She worked as a server at The Broadmoor hotel for six years, which she says ingrained good customer service practices into her DNA.

Though Thomspon is a Springs native, she grew up in Denver before attending college with the intent to study veterinary medicine, her dream since she was 9 years old. She attended UCCS, where she found an obstacle she couldn’t overcome: chemistry. Three failed attempts later, she decided to change majors.

“I decided to try business because that’s a practical degree and you can do anything with it,” she said.

She found a taste and a knack for marketing there, and she ultimately earned her Bachelor’s in marketing in 2018. She’d already been working part-time at Amnet for two years by then; graduation simply meant going full-time at a job she already enjoyed.

Thompson is by no means shy about shaking things up, either. She recently revamped the company’s entire client account management process from the ground up.

“In revitalizing our client account management process, I’ve been able to find ways that I can bring more value to our clients and make sure that when we get together, we’re talking about things that are important and not just going through a checklist that’s been the same for 20 years,” she said.

That’s a bold accomplishment for anyone, magnified by the fact that Thompson is a mere 25 years old. It’s no surprise, then, that Amnet founder and CEO Trevor Dierdorff offered effusive praise for her in his nomination.

“She takes initiative to find solutions for our team and our clients,” he said. “She frequently goes above and beyond in doing her job and taking on many tasks that are not specifically anyone’s job. If she sees something needs to get done, she jumps in and does it.”

That’s defined how she operates at Amnet, yes, but that’s also characterized her extracurricular activities. One of her significant business accomplishments has been the revival of Amnet’s Beers with Engineers, a monthly event she’s hosted in the Springs, Castle Rock and Denver to facilitate networking in a professional field she says tends to be insular and less-than-social at times. Typically, they draw between 10 and 25 attendees per event.

She’s also helped to start a group called Aspiring Change Makers, a small organization meant to foster deeper connections among young professionals by facilitating quarterly events with expert networkers, as well as regular networking events and meetings with profession-specific “tribes.”

“I hate seeing things fall through the cracks,” she said. “Any time I see a hole, I try to find a way to fix it.”

— Griffin Swartzell

What makes Colorado Springs home?

“I think it’s that no matter where you go, it always seems like you know someone, and if you don’t, someone will make an effort to make you feel included.”

Editor’s note: This article has been corrected. Alexis Thompson attended UCCS, not Colorado State University. In addition, the name of the social group is Beers with Engineers, not Engineers with Beers.