With 48 branches in the U.S., Mortgage Solutions Financial, the Colorado Springs-based loan company, is looking to add five more branches by the end of 2017.  The company, which was created by Roy Clennan, and is currently operated with his son and company President Rob Clennan, specializes in home loans and mortgages as well as VA and FHA loans.

The company has been successful since its start in 1995, and this year the Clennans expect to double 2014 revenues.

Roy, who is also a retired Air Force officer, said without the company’s employees, Mortgage Solutions Financial would not continue to grow.

“We’ve been able to attract people over the last 10 years — ever since the financial crisis — because they want that relationship with me [and] with Rob,” Roy said. “So if you want to know what’s caused rapid growth, it’s exactly that; it’s the people we’ve been able to attract.”

The difference between this company and others like it, Roy and Rob agreed, is the communication from the top down.

“There are very few owners of companies who will put their reputation on the line with those branches and say, ‘You can call me’ … we take away their pain, which is abnormal in this industry,” Roy said.

Each Mortgage Solutions Financial branch has unified standards as a foundation, but Roy said it’s important to give all locations flexibility.

“We do mortgages, and mortgages deal with people, and people have to deal with state laws and the customers of their locale,” Roy said. “We do business differently in Pueblo than here. … We provide the infrastructure to operate but we give them flexibility to operate within the norms of their city — otherwise they could never make it.”

Rob said when its new branches open, employees can focus on attracting clients rather than on expenses.

“We let them go out and focus on building their business,” he said. “They will close more loans just by working with us, because we don’t have the overlays and restrictions other companies have that limits their ability to produce loans.”

— Audrey Jensen