Bobby Cotten has built a career and a multi-million dollar company installing insulation — fiberglass, cellulose and spray foam insulation for homes, offices and commercial buildings. After working for a national insulation company, he and his wife Liz started EcoFoam/ Insulutions. The business incorporated in June 2010 and now has 131 Colorado employees, with more working at a branch of the business operated in Florida. They have worked across Colorado as well as Wyoming and New Mexico. The firm has grown its gross revenue by $7 million in the last two years.

He spent some time this week with the Business Journal, talking about the company.

Why did you start the company? 

To be an independent, Colorado-owned business, free from corporate bean-counters running a business they know nothing about.

Why this field? 

I started in 1979, working Saturdays for my dad in the insulation industry.

How does your business stand out from others in the industry? 

Flexibility to respond immediately to demand, without corporate restraints.

Do you have advice for other business owners? 

Yes. Remain independent.

What do you think about the local business environment?

City leadership is responding well to companies wishing to locate/relocate here. I am concerned with the constant government demands for higher tax rates. I believe government, like private businesses, should operate on the same percentage of revenue as private businesses do. If revenue is down, then downsizing is in order, not increased tax rates. Overall, the business climate is very positive, with the national recognition we’re getting for business.

If you could change something, what would it be? 

I favor immigration reform, favoring legal work status for immigrants willing to register for a work status, along with signing a release for background checks. I also believe immigrants should be allowed to work in the U.S. if they have no criminal record.

What are some of the challenges you face? 

The construction industry has been challenged for more than 20 years by parents, the media, etc., saying you would not get anywhere in this country without a college degree.

How did you overcome them? 

Many parents, educators and students are now realizing that our industry is very rewarding, high-paying and satisfying — without going to college and without being burdened by starting their career with a large student loan debt.

Is there one thing about your business you want people to know? 

Yes, we strive to be the general contractors’ preferred Insulation contractor with our commitments to quality and by being the only major independent insulation contractor in Colorado.


1985 Aeroplaza Drive

Contact: 719-473-1415

Employees: 31

Founded: 2001

Award won: Fastest-Growing Company, $10 million or more category


Editor’s note: We are featuring each of the 13 winning fastest-growing companies in the CSBJ.