Editor’s note: We will feature each of the 13 winning fastest-growing companies in upcoming CSBJ editions.

The founder of AdvantEdge Drywall has provided drywall installation in Southern Colorado for more than 20 years. He built on that experience to create one of the fastest-growing companies in the Springs.

The company has seen gross revenues climb from $3.4 million in 2013 to $4.4 million in 2014 and a projected $5.3 million this year. In the five years it’s been in business, AdvantEdge has grown to 60 full-time employees, eight of whom work in the Colorado Springs office, said President Bruce Kelly.

The company is part of Team Pikes Peak, which also includes OfficeScapes in Colorado Springs, OfficeScapes School Furniture and AdvantEdge Drywall, said Team Pikes Peak owner Peter Husak. AdvantEdge prides itself on completing projects on-time, within budget and “delivered with superior craftsmanship,” Husak said.

AdvantEdge services include installing metal studs, drywall and finish, acoustical ceilings, thermal and sound insulation, fire caulking and fire spray, installation of hollow metal doors and window frames, fiberglass reinforced panels, access panels and plywood.

This week, Husak took some time to answer questions about why the business was named one of the fastest-growing companies of 2015 by the Business Journal.

Why did you start the company? 

We felt there was a need in the marketplace for a drywall company that was based on relationships and expertise that could service the general contractor and their clients.

Why this field? 

Bruce Kelly and I knew each other. I knew he was an expert in the drywall business and a partner at Sprehe Interior Construction. After Sprehe sold, I knew he was available so I asked him if he wanted to start a drywall business.

“We need our infrastructure to improve so that we can welcome new prospective businesses to move here.”

Do you have advice for other business owners?

Follow a great business plan. Believe in yourself even in the tough times. Bet it all on creating a culture that creates a great team. Seek advice from mentors. One of our core values is that we figure it out. This is a daily reminder in a small business.

What do you think about the local business environment?

Colorado and the Front Range will continue to grow, creating opportunities. However, Denver and Fort Collins excelled in this last uptick in the economy while Colorado Springs was flat with Pueblo.

We hope that the defense business will come back, because Colorado Springs has lost some titans. I would define those titans as: Hewlett-Packard, Intel and the like. We are excited about growing companies in Colorado Springs like: Spectranetics, Bal Seal Engineering, Synthes, RT Logic and others like them. We are also excited about some home-grown companies like Cherwell. We need our infrastructure to improve so that we can welcome new prospective businesses to move here.

What makes your business stand out from others in the industry?

Bruce’s experience and expertise after 25 years in the business. We offer a culture and benefit package that makes us attractive to employees and new hires. AdvantEdge is partners with Team Pikes Peak, which makes AdvantEdge financially viable to bond projects at a very low rate. Our culture is that we want to ‘wow’ our customers and shine in the community. These are all attributes that have contributed to our fast growth.

If you could change something, what would it be?

Because of the flat nature of Colorado Springs (economy), we are doing more and more business out of town. This is healthy, but we would rather stay at home.

What are some of the challenges you face? 

It has been a challenge to find people who fit our culture. People that have the same values and principles as we do.

How do you overcome that?

We reach out to people in our network to find those gems that are out there.

Is there one thing about your business that you want people to know?

Our goal is to be the leading drywall company in Colorado Springs that can take on any type and size job with a team that can deliver on time and under budget. 


2506 Zepplin Road

Contact: 433-7330

Employees: 60

Founded: 2010

Award won:

Fastest-Growing Company, $1.5 – $5 million category