UCCS is the only research-level university in southern Colorado. It developed the world’s first bachelor of innovation program and was among the first to offer a fully online degree program — way back in 1996. 

“Our commitment to the community goes back to our roots in 1965 to develop a workforce for local industry,” said Jared Verner, director of communications for the school. “That concept has served us and Colorado Springs well, as we continue to add programs to address local and regional needs.” 

The future looks bright for the Colorado Springs-based university, with seven core strategies planned for the next decade: learning, engagement and belonging; retention and graduation; research and creative excellence; financial strength; deliberate investment; distinctive programs; and partnerships and outreach, Verner said. 

“These strategies and the associated goals within each one, developed by our faculty, staff and students, will be our road map for the next 10 years,” he said.

uccs.edu | 719-255-8227

2. Pikes Peak Community College

ppcc.edu | 719-502-2000

3. Colorado College

coloradocollege.edu | 719-389-6000



1. The Colorado Springs School

The Colorado Springs School is a private school focused on teaching students to think independently and “meet the challenges of a dynamic world with leadership, ingenuity, problem-solving skills and personal integrity,” according to its website.

The school has won Best in Business awards before, thanks to its commitment to education, which school officials describe as a balance between “tradition and innovation.” 

Students are at the center of every educational experience, the website says, and work to collaborate with peers, present their work for review and also learn social and emotional skills, as well as leadership. 

“CSS is dedicated to challenging some commonly held notions about education to create an environment where your child can achieve and thrive,” the school’s website says. “We believe an innovative approach to the academic disciplines that integrates the real world offers the best learning experiences for students.”

css.org | 719-475-9747

2. Colorado Springs Christian School

cscslions.org | 719-559-3553

3. Fountain Valley School of Colorado

fvs.edu | 719-390-7035