1. Amnet

Trevor Dierdorff founded Amnet 21 years ago as a means of providing IT support for Colorado Springs businesses that used anywhere from 20 to 200 computers.

Although that mission hasn’t changed, its scope certainly has, Dierdorff said.

“It’s no longer enough to do that without providing a comprehensive cybersecurity solution,” Dierdorff said. “Anti-virus and firewalls just aren’t enough anymore. Businesses need to have a detect-and-response solution and user awareness training.”

Amnet helps small businesses use the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as a best practice, Dierdorff said. In some cases, that can mean two-factor identification, a hardened firewall or reduced user permissions, he said.

The company also extends its services to those who have an in-house IT department but lack the necessary depth on their team to implement a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, Dierdorff said.

“Any IT company that isn’t providing this level of cybersecurity to their clients is leaving them vulnerable,” he said. “We spent a great deal of time in 2018 finding the best-in-class tools and partners.

“I think we’re just ahead of the curve — in Colorado Springs, anyway.” | 719-442-6683

2. Navakai, Inc. | 719-630-1280

3. Firma IT Solutions | 719-377-6603

Advertising & Public Relations

  1. Newell Ledbetter Advertising

Newell Ledbetter opened his advertising agency in 1996, and two decades later, still loves what he does.

The firm leverages the power of broadcast media and digital marketing to build business for a client list of more than 70 business owners and professionals nationwide.

“I think the success that we’ve been able to obtain for our clients” has driven the firm’s success, Ledbetter said. “I come from a sales background; I want more sales, more clients, more customers for my clients.”

Unlike some other agencies, Ledbetter’s company does not charge a monthly retainer for its services.

“What I wanted to do is take that money and put it into advertising,” he said. “We’re strictly on a commission basis. If the client wins, everybody wins.” | 719-635-9988

2. Social SEO | 719-725-6400

3. Blakely + Company | 719-439-4890

Graphic Designer


The Red Energy team of designers takes their clients’ visions from dream to reality, developing brands and creating custom promotional and marketing collateral.

“We believe great design starts with intelligent and strategic market research — understanding what resonates with your target audience, the psychology of color and visual elements,” founder Amy Sufak said. “It’s not just a creative mind with a Mac, but an experienced, well-traveled team of professionals who create powerful brands.”

The color red symbolizes the team’s passion and drive to take clients to the next level. Red Energy also provides a suite of services including event management, media relations, community outreach, social media management, crisis communication management and video production.

“We are very honored to receive this recognition from our city,” Sufak said. | 719-465-3565

2. No Coast Creative | 719-649-6748

3. [tie] Design Rangers | 719-387-0905

3. [tie] DocuMart | 719-471-0592

Internet & Broadband

  1. Springs Hosting

Springs Hosting “strives to make our customers feel like they are our only customers,” according to the company’s website.

“With an extensive background in technology services and a documented reputation for going above and beyond expectations, we are the best choice for customers who want to use new technology advancements to streamline their business,” Springs Hosting’s website reads. “We believe that a confident customer is a lifetime customer.”

Since its inception in 2006, Springs Hosting has invested the majority of company profits back into the business “to ensure we remain a profitable and debt-free company,” the website states.

“We own everything in our facilities from the racks, servers, and switches to our services equipment,” the website reads. “We enjoy a challenge and take pride in delivering the best solutions for your business.” | 719-393-9266

2. Comcast | 800-934-6489

3. CenturyLink | 719-390-4551

IT Computer Support


Navakai is a technology support company that doesn’t prioritize technology, and CEO Davin Neubacher thinks that is the secret ingredient to its success.

“A lot of companies are so transfixed on technology and the cool blinking lights,” said Neubacher, who founded Navakai in 2001 with company president Shawn Morland. “We focus more on how technology can leverage the goals and missions of a company. It’s more strategic, not tactical.”

Simply put, Navakai prides itself on deeper client relationships — “more interactions and less transactions,” Neubacher said — and a company culture that marries the best interests of its employees and its customers.

“We get asked about our culture all the time and there is no real recipe, but I think it starts with ownership,” Neubacher said. “You do a few things and then let it grow organically from your team. Our culture is a snapshot of who we are as people.” | 719-630-1280

2. Amnet | 719-442-6683

3. Firma IT Solutions | 719-377-6603

Promotional Items

  1. Cookie Advantage

What better way to treat clients on special occasions or to say thanks than to send them a tin of gourmet chocolate chip cookies?

Cookie Advantage Colorado was started eight years ago by Michelle and Vinay Shah.

“We love the idea of businesses sending cookies to their clients,” the Shahs state on their website. “Knowing how important it is to all businesses to get and keep referral and repeat customers, we wanted to jump on the opportunity to provide that service to Colorado businesses. Plus we love gourmet chocolate chip cookies!”

The gift includes a customized message with the sender’s logo and a cookie recipe on a laminated card clients can keep, along with a pre-stamped and addressed survey card. | 719-321-4308

2. Bing Promotional Products | 719-538-0040

3. [tie] Phoenix820 | 719-632-0123

3. [tie] Proforma Peak Marketing | 719-229-2369


  1. Comcast

Comcast provides affordable cable and internet packages, but that’s not all the telecommunications company has to offer Colorado Springs residents.

“Comcast’s culture is built on integrity and respect — with the goal of working together to drive ourselves and our businesses to always be creative, innovative and competitive,” the company’s website reads.

Comcast is built on four core values: an entrepreneurial spirit; acting with integrity; respect for one another; and giving back to the community, according to the website.

“We have a long history of supporting local communities and organizations, developing programs and partnerships, and mobilizing our resources to connect people and inspire positive and substantive change,” the website states. | 800-934-6489

2. CenturyLink | 719-390-4551

3. StratusIQ | 719-573-5343

Web & Mobile Development

  1. BombBomb

BombBomb’s founders, Darin Dawson and Conor McCluskey, discovered in 2005 that sending video email to client lists generated far better results than the faceless communications that were the order of the day. They launched BombBomb to “rehumanize” email, text and social media communication.

The company today helps 35,000 active customers in more than 40 countries build trust, convert leads and win referrals by getting them face to face with clients and potential clients.

“Most communication is visual,” McCluskey told the Business Journal. “You can’t fake culture, caring or ‘I love you,’ because people see it in your eyes. That face-to-face communication is vital, and through video email you can look someone in the eye and tell them, ‘Thank you for your business,’ and build trust.” | 866-209-4602

2. Maven Design Studio | 719-649-4705

3. Crystal Peak Design | 719-593-9112