Architectural Firms

  1. RTA Architects

RTA Architects has created award-winning architectural and interior designs since 1975.

That longevity is no accident, according to Stuart Coppedge, principal of the firm.

“I think people recognize that we have our clients’ and our community’s best interest at the heart of all we do,” he said.

And Coppedge had some advice to offer other small businesses.

“Lead with your strengths and team with people and consultants who are great at doing what you are not good at or don’t like to do,” he said. “Of course sometimes work is work, and you can’t be afraid to just get after it and make it happen.” | 719-471-7566

2. Clifford Taylor Architect | 719-633-0801

3. HB&A | 719-473-7063

Engineering Firm

  1. RMG Engineers

Rocky Mountain Group in Colorado Springs has been voted Best Engineering Firm by Colorado Springs Business Journal readers. The firm offers architectural and land planning services, as well as geotechnical and structural engineering.

Lee Shakespeare, RMG’s business development director, said RMG has been providing engineering services in Colorado Springs and along the Front Range for nearly 35 years and continues to build long-term relationships.

“RMG stands out from the competition in the [architecture, engineering and construction industries] through creative solutions, practical designs and customer-focused reliable service,” Shakespeare said.

As for being named one of the best companies in Southern Colorado?

“What a surprise and honor,” Shakespeare said. “We are here to assist the community and industry.” | 719-394-3072 (Colorado Springs Area)

2. [tie] Bridgers & Paxton | 719-630-3350

2. [tie] ME Engineers | 719-536-0036 (Colorado Springs Area)

3. CTL | Thompson | 719-528-8300

General Contractor

  1. Bryan Construction, Inc.

For four decades, Colorado Springs-based Bryan Construction, Inc. has provided construction management and general contracting services both domestically and abroad.

“Bryan Construction has a strong reputation for providing quality projects to its clients and meeting our commitments to pricing, schedule and quality,” said Vincent C. Shoemaker, president. “Our goal on every project is to have an ecstatic owner who values their relationship with Bryan Construction.”

Shoemaker said Bryan Construction stands out from the competition because of its transparency regarding pricing and schedules.

“This ensures that all the stakeholders are on the same page through the preconstruction process and into construction,” he said.

As for advice for other small businesses: “Reputation is the most important thing that any business has, make sure that as a small business owner you and your employees are following up on your commitments,” Shoemaker said. | 719-632-5355

2. GE Johnson Construction Company | 719-473-5321

3. GH Phipps Construction Companies | 719-633-4673

Manufacturing Company

  1. Qualtek Manufacturing, Inc.

Providing metal stamping, finishing and project planning services, Qualtek Manufacturing, Inc. was named by Business Journal readers as the Best Manufacturing Company in southern Colorado.

When asked why it was the best, President Christopher Fagnant said, “I think Qualtek has developed a reputation in our community largely because of the work my parents, Mary and Tony, did while they were running the company. That reputation persists and has developed into a culture at Qualtek where we value community engagement and want to be a part of strengthening the business community here in Colorado Springs.”

As for Qualtek’s advice for other small businesses?

“Success is only sweet if you have someone to share it with,” Fagnant said. “Invest time in your people and you will always have an opportunity to share your success with those who made it happen.” | 719-598-3394

2. Springs Fabrication | 719-596-8830

3. Spectranetics | 719-447-2000


  1. Classic Homes

“At Classic Homes, we often say that our employees are our No. 1 asset,” said Doug Stimple, the company’s CEO. “We believe that our company culture is a significant driver in Classic Homes’ overall success, as well as being named the Best in Business.”

Stimple said the average employee tenure is 15 years.

“That level of experience and pride of workmanship is evident in every home we build,” he said.

What makes the homebuilder stand out from the competition?

“Classic Homes offers timeless home design and builds in more communities than any other local homebuilder in Colorado Springs and Monument,” Stimple said. “We strive for sustained excellence and are known for our commitment to quality and value.” | 719-592-9333

2. Keller Homes | 719-528-6977

3. Solid Rock Custom Homes | 719-494-0932

Mechanical/Electrical Company

  1. Olson Plumbing & Heating Co.

For more than a century and spanning five generations, Olson Plumbing & Heating has been delivering award-winning service to the people of Colorado Springs.  According to the company’s website, the business operates on a few simple rules: “Do excellent work at a fair price, provide prompt service day or night and stand behind every job.”

The company began in 1917, when “Olson the Plumber” used a three-wheeled motorcycle to begin his Colorado Springs plumbing and heating company. Olson Plumbing & Heating has since grown to become one of the largest residential and commercial plumbing, heating and mechanical contracting companies along the Front Range.

The company has worked on projects including The Broadmoor hotel’s Cloud Camp, the Air Force Academy’s Holaday Athletic Center and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, to name a few. | 719-635-3563

2. Berwick Electric | 719-632-7683

3. Heating & Plumbing Engineers | 719-633-5571