Office Equipment

  1. Axis Business Technologies

Axis Business Technologies has been locally owned and operated in Colorado Springs for 40 years.

“We are proud to say that we are one of the only digital technology companies that have not sold out to the corporate giants,” said Axis’ Cheryl Cosky, sales manager and business development coach. “Colorado Springs appreciates working with local companies that give back to the community. When our customers call AxisBT, they can get to an actual person that can assist with any questions or concerns. We are proud of our Mission Statement, ‘Your documents, our passion.’”

Cosky said, “We appreciate our customers and strive to make sure that their questions and concerns are addressed in a manner that is time-efficient and respectful of their needs. We are changing every day to make sure we are staying ahead of the technology rage; we appreciate the momentum that we have had in the past four years and we look forward to a new website and additional technology to enhance the office environment.” | 719-543-8600

2. Costco | 719-264-5010 (Nevada Avenue)

3. Gobin’s Inc. | 800-425-2324

Law Firm

  1. Stinar Zendejas & Gaithe PLLC

This is the second year in a row Stinar Zendejas & Gaithe has been recognized as the Best Law Firm in Colorado Springs.

The company provides legal services in general business, estate planning, commercial litigation, employment law, family law, real estate and tax planning. The firm dates to 1979, when it was founded by Ralph Braden. John Stinar and James Zendejas opened the current entity in 2000. Since then it has grown from two to seven attorneys.

“Basically, we’re a firm that can handle any small to medium-sized business’ legal needs, on the business and personal side — anything from selling a business to powers of attorney for children going off to college,” founding attorney John Stinar said. | 719-635-4200

2. Hammond Law Firm | 719-520-1474

3. McDivitt Law Firm | 719-471-3700

Waste & Recycling Company

  1. Bestway Disposal/Bestway Recycling, Inc.

This isn’t Bestway’s first rodeo when it comes to recognition. The disposal and recycling company was named the best by Business Journal readers in 2018 as well.

The Canadian waste disposal company GFL Environmental, Inc. purchased the company last year — but not a whole lot has changed when it comes to Bestway’s customers, as the company is still known for its service and communication.

Bestway, started in 1950, was owned by the Kiemel family from 1967 until the end of 2018, when they sold it. According to its website, Bestway is still committed to providing “the highest quality service. We will go the extra mile for our customers.”

The website also states that Bestway stands for fair rates and complete customer satisfaction. | 719-633-8709

2. Springs Waste Systems | 719-634-7177

3. Waste Management | 866-909-4458 (Customer Service)

Office Furniture

  1. OfficeScapes

Voted Best Office Furniture Company by Business Journal readers, OfficeScapes helps bring style, color and efficiency to offices, health care facilities and educational institutions in Colorado and Wyoming.

“I have seen OfficeScapes and OfficeScapes Schools transform over the last 22 years,” said Peter Husak, who heads Team Pikes Peak, which consists of OfficeScapes’ southern Colorado and K-12 School divisions. “That transformation has come about in great part because we have a great team of people who are committed to a common culture and standards of excellence.”

So what’s Husak’s advice to other small businesses?

“Bet the farm on culture. The culture of your organization is paramount,” he said. “It’s why employees show up every day, it oozes out into the community, your customers are attracted to it, it is contagious. It is the fuel and the spark in the engine, and it is something you have to protect.” | 719-574-1113

2. Platte Furniture | 719-633-7309

3. Staples | 719-598-3214

Printing & Duplicating

  1. DocuMart


From graphic design to a variety of printing capabilities to direct mailing and bindery services, DocuMart has both the small and large business covered.

“DocuMart tailors our services to each client, offering a solution rather than a sale,” said Dustin Crowther, vice president of DocuMart Inc. in Colorado Springs. “Everyone talks about it, but so few actually deliver. We’re making sure we put the ‘custom’ back into customer.”

Crowther said DocuMart was named Best Printing and Duplicating Company because, “For nearly 50 years, DocuMart has offered the latest in print technology, coupled with professional and prompt customer service. We strive each day to provide dedicated, practical and problem-solving print solutions.”

Regarding being voted the best in the industry, Crowther said, “Thank you to CSBJ for the honor, and to our incredible customers for their continued support.” | 719-471-0592

2. FedEx Office | 719-471-6683 (Cascade Avenue)

3. Cheetah Printing & Design | 719-473-7800

Staffing Firm

Goodwill Staffing

According to Alma Sampedro, staffing coordinator with Goodwill Staffing, it’s the organization’s mission that makes the difference.

“Our goal is to help people achieve their highest level of personal and economic independence,” she said. “In 2018, our parent company, Discover Goodwill, placed 5,680 people into community jobs, and 13,195 individuals received training and career services through us. We serve individuals in the community and help them to contribute to the workforce of the community at the same time.”

Sampedro said the staff “would like to express a very humble ‘thank you’” to Business Journal readers who voted for Goodwill Staffing. “We are a small, hardworking team who believe in serving others.  We appreciate your confidence and will continue to work to earn your praises today and every day forward. Our community means everything to us — so all recognition is appreciated.” | 719-884-7931

2. ADD STAFF, Inc. | 719-528-8888

3. Blackstone Talent Group | 719-633-2772