Best Boss

Scott Bryan

Bryan Construction

7025 Campus Drive

Phone: 632-5355


Year Established: 1978

Number of Employees: 140

What do you think about receiving this award?

“I’m very humbled, first of all to be chosen. It’s a great honor. There are a lot of great bosses out there. To be nominated is a tremendous honor. I think a lot of it is the culture we’ve developed. We have a great culture here at Bryan Construction. Our mission statement is about having fun in it, we do a lot of activities with the employees, including a standing barbecue every month. We just have a great culture. That’s not just me; that’s the attitude, I think. It’s everybody.” — Scott Bryan

Second: Greg Walthour

Social SEO

Third: John Stinar

Stinar, Zendejas and Gaithe, LLC

Best Business Power LUNCH and Happy Hour


Plaza of the Rockies, First Floor, South Tower

121 S. Tejon St.

Phone: 634-6674


No one from Nosh was available to speak with the CSBJ.

From its website: “Our goal is for you to have a memorable time. We hope to obtain this through amazing service, as well as vibrant aromas and flavors. We like to think that there is no such thing as a bad combination of ingredients in food or drink, as long as quality ingredients are being used, the proportions are appropriate, and there is a level of excellence in the execution.”

Second:The Famous

Third: Sonterra Grill Innovative Southwest Grill

Best Business with a Social Media Presence

All Seasons LLC

1610 S. Tejon St.

Phone: 632-3368


Year Established: 1986

Number of Employees: 7

What sets your company apart from the competition?

“While residential property management is the same at its core, our company focuses on far more than just collecting the rent and coordinating maintenance for the property. All Seasons is currently the only certified residential management company in southern Colorado and one of fewer than 50 worldwide (a certification the company received from the National Association of Residential Property Managers in 2008). We have clients and customers that truly believe in what we do. [We will] continue what we have done for the past 30 years — provide quality, well-managed rental homes with a great emphasis on service and maintaining what is likely one of the homeowner’s biggest investments to the highest standards. Through doing this, we continually strive to give a better name to our industry and landlords, as a whole.” — Matt Rogers, vice president


Third: Bryan Construction and Griffis Blessing (tie)

Best Farmers Market

Old Colorado City Farmers Market

Bancroft Park

Year Established: 1982

Number of employees: 1

Why do you think the market earned this recognition?

“We have a real farmers market — not a place to see stuff that should be in a flea market. Every week, we have four or five farmers, with real food. We sell specialty food, but not a lot of crafts.” — Frank Schmidt

Second:Colorado Farm and Art Market

Third: Acacia Park

Best Golf Tournament

Mayor’s Cup



Year Established: 2011

Number of Employees: volunteer-based

What is the purpose of the Mayor’s Cup?

“The Mayor’s Cup is deserving of the award because of its tradition of supporting great city causes. Specifically, Spirit of the Springs and scholarships for individuals wishing to pursue city careers such as police, fire and/or city administration positions. Secondly, we support The First Tee of Pikes Peak, which uses golf to teach nine core values to underprivileged youth.” — Cathy Matthews-Kane,

general manager of the Country Club of Colorado and an organizer of the event

Second: HBA at Garden of the Gods

Third: Springs Rescue Mission

Best Networker

Trevor Dierdorff


219 W. Colorado Ave., Suite 200

Phone:  442-6683


Year Established: 1998

Number of Employees: 14

Why is networking important?

“Many of our competitors are adamant about not visiting their customers’ sites. Remote support is far more efficient. We make a point of being on-site at each of our client sites at least monthly. Facetime is inefficient; and it is critical to client satisfaction and retention. Our clients tell us that they stay with us because we are responsive, friendly and competent. One client recently remarked that, ‘Amnet support is reliable as dial tone.’ I can think of a few things more consistent like the sun rising in the east, but dial tone is pretty good. I’ll take it.” — Trevor Dierdorff, CEO

Second:Jennifer Taylor

Bryan Construction

Third: Jenifer Furda, (tie)

Michael Pennica,

Carrie Simison,

Best New Place to Eat, Meet and Greet

Bonny & Read

101 N. Tejon St., Suite 102

Phone: 896-4145


Year Established: 2015

Number of Employees: 20

What’s your business philosophy?

“I think my business philosophy is always trying to improve our food and service, and changing our menu to change with the times. Food is constantly changing. Making sure our staff and customers are happy and having a great experience when they come in.” — Joe Campana, owner

Second:Burrowing Owl

Third: Brooklyn’s on Boulder

Best Place to Go when Red Should Not Be on Your White and Blue

Pressed 4 Time

P.O. Box 49771

Phone: 599-5325


Year Established: 2005 in Colorado Springs

Number of Employees: 11

What makes Pressed 4 Time different from its competitors?

“We’ve been doing this for 11 years. I think people really appreciate the quality of service you get. And since we’re not exclusively tied to any single dry cleaning facility, we get to pick and choose the best for our customers. We’re kind of like a professional athlete’s agent, always looking out for our clients’ best interests.”

— Scott Randall, owner of local franchise

Second:Continental Cleaners

Third: Summit Cleaners

Best Place to Grab a Cup of Coffee

Dutch Brothers Coffee

Multiple locations


Year Established: 2009

What makes your business stand out?

“I think it’s our fast, high-energy and genuine business. We stay true to our core values of speed, quality and service and don’t sacrifice one for another. We make sure everything we serve is of the utmost quality and if someone doesn’t love it the first time, we’ll replace it for free.” — Dave Szopa, regional manager

Second:Wild Goose Meeting House

Third: Pikes Perk, The Perk Downtown,

Best Place to Grub and Run (Food Truck)

Pig Latin

Beside 112 E Boulder St.

Phone: 347-1144


Year Established: 2013

Number of Employees: 2

Why do you think your business was chosen for the award?

“In reference to, ‘Best Place to Grub and Run,’ that’s exactly what we’re trying to do. We let our customers know where we will be parked and at what times to make it easy to grab food that is served from a food truck but tastes like it’s from a restaurant. And we don’t just serve Latin food — we also serve pig. I think we fill a void in town and keep up with modern business practices.” — Andres Velez, owner

Second:Potato Potato

Third: Lucy I’m Home

Best Networking Group

Cool Grrrls


Year Established: 2014

What makes Cool Grrrls different from other networking groups?

“Cool Grrrls started when one of my friends was talking about how she had more time to connect with other women since her daughters were older — but that she didn’t know how to do that. We started a group so our friends could meet the cool friends of our cool friends. I’m astounded as how it’s grown. We had maybe 10 people the first time. And we just keep getting bigger and bigger. There’s no agenda — it’s a non-networking networking event. It’s a chance to connect with the friends of your friends. You know you have cool friends, so come meet the cool friends of your cool friends.” — Carrie Simison, publisher of the Colorado Springs Independent, founder of Cool Grrrls

Second:Colorado Springs Young Professionals

Third: CSBJ Breakfast with the Journal

Best Place for a Business Lunch

The Famous Steakhouse

31 N. Tejon St.

Phone: 227-7333


Year Established: 2002

Number of Employees: 20

Why visit The Famous?

“I have been going there for over a decade and the food and service have never changed. They have both always been great. That’s hard to accomplish for such an extended period and it is the reason for its consistent success, plus the room just feels great to be in. It has the ‘X Factor’ some rooms have.” — Perry Sanders, owner

Second:McKenzie’s Chophouse

Third: Phantom Canyon and Sonterra Grill

Best Place to Grab a Bloody Mary and a Breakfast Meeting

Over Easy

28 S. Tejon St.

Phone: 471-2311


Year Established: 2012

Number of Employees: 105

What makes Over Easy so successful?

“We strive to keep our menus fresh and innovative, sourcing locally when possible and committed to the communities that we choose to do business in. We create an environment for our employees that encourages and rewards hard work and offers an upward track for those interested in a career in hospitality. We promote a balanced approach to life with all employees that stresses health, wellness and enjoying work.” — Randy Price, owner

Second: 503W

Third: Omelette Parlor

Best Place to Pamper Your Pet

Wag ‘n Wash Natural Food & Bakery

1625 W. Uintah Ave.

Phone: 457-9274


Year Established: 1999

Number of Employees: 8 in Colorado Springs

What is your business philosophy?

“Wag ‘n Wash started as a way for Dan and Jef to leave the chaos of the corporate world and do something they were passionate about (work with dogs and dog-people). Their focus hasn’t changed — they’re active in the community and support many local events and nonprofits. The company’s one–sentence business philosophy is simple and direct: It’s where you can wash ‘em, feed ‘em and spoil ‘em all in one cool place!” — Sue Ager, marketing director

Second: Peak Pet Nanny of Colorado Springs

Third: PetSmart

Best Place to Pamper Yourself

Mateos Salon and Day Spa

5919 Delmonico Drive

Phone: 266-9295


No one from Mateos was available to speak with the CSBJ.

From its website: “We pride ourselves on customer service. If there is anyway we can serve you better, please tell us. Everyone who enters our facility is to have a wonderful, relaxing experience. Our treatments are top notch (and so is our staff!) so come relax with us… you’re in the best of hands.”

Second:The Broadmoor Hotel

Third: Beauty Bar Inc.

Best Place to Tame Your Mane (Hairdresser)

Veda Salon

7443 N. Academy Blvd.

Phone: 314-1480


Year Established: 1996

Number of Employees: 180

Why do you think your business was chosen for the award?

“I think our customers appreciate our business’s community involvement. We’re a local company that gives back and supports Colorado Springs’ for-profits and nonprofits to keep the city amazing. We’re everywhere in the community when needed and I think our customers appreciate that because they want to align themselves and spend their money with a purpose.” — Carrie Perkins, owner

(tie) Best Place to Tame Your Mane (Hairdresser)

Salon Rain

5585 Erindale Drive, Suite 105

Phone: 638-6716


Year Established: 2009

No one at Salon Rain was available to speak with the CSBJ.

Second:Salon Frank Paul

Third: Planet Hair

Best Place to Work


102 N. Cascade Ave., Suite 550

Phone: 520-1234, 888-520-1234


Year Established: 1985

Number of Employees: 300

What is your business philosophy?

“We are driven to provide the highest level of service we can. Within the organization, we have a number of awards. One is the Core Value Award given monthly. Another is the You Rock based on performance, and we have the Above and Beyond Award that can be given on the spot — a gift certificate. We have a commercial side and a multi-family side — those are our clients, the residents and the tenants.” — B.J. Hybl, president

Second:Bryan Construction

Third: Social SEO

Best radio station for business news

KRDO News Radio 1240 AM/105.5 FM

399 S. 8th St.

Phone: 632-1515


KRDO News Radio was unable to respond prior to the CSBJ’s deadline.

From last year’s Best in Business: “While the station doesn’t focus exclusively on business, it does devote a lot of airtime to business-related stories and financial advice. Tune in early — 5 a.m. — for KRDO’s morning news show and stay tuned throughout the day for nationally syndicated shows to include Dave Ramsey and Sean Hannity, or listen to local favorites Mike Lewis, Paul Richards and Joel Navarro.”

Second: KRCC

Third: RXP 103.9

Best Sweat Shop (Health and fitness centers)

YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region

316 N. Tejon St.

Phone: 471-9790


Year Established: 1878

Number of Employees: 1,200

What makes your business stand out from all the others?

“Providing financial assistance to those who need it. Healthy living is a lifestyle everyone should be able to have.” — Carrie Bair-Norwood, vice president of marketing and development

Second:Accolade Fitness

Third: CityRock

Best TV station for Business News


520 E. Colorado Ave.

Phone: 634-2844


Number of Employees: 30

No one from KKTV was available to speak to the Business Journal.

From its website: “KKTV offers the content that consumers use most from high-definition programming to one of the top local websites in Southern Colorado.”

Second: Fox 21

Third: KRDO

Best Sustainable Business


Phone: 602-1106


Year Established: 2014

Number of employees: 1

What makes TechWears unique?

“TechWears naturally gains a lot of attention because the product line is very unique, yet strangely familiar. People are accustomed to wearing jewelry and apparel accessories, and society is accustomed to interacting with technology throughout the day, but to see the two combined together is a unique and memorable experience.” — Drew Johnson, founder

(tie) Best Sustainable Business

Seeds Community Cafe

109 E. Pikes Peak Ave.

Phone: 473-8206


Year Established: 2013

Number of Employees: 7

What is your business philosophy?

“Throughout the past three years, Seeds has helped 32 people find full-time jobs, has served 60,000 meals and has trained 367 people through its healthy cooking program. It has also facilitated the volunteerism of 2,000 people who have accumulated more than 30,000 hours of service. The cafe’s ethos is all about serving fresh, healthy, locally sourced meals to anyone, regardless of their ability to pay. At Seeds, you can pay the daily recommended donation for your meal, and you can ‘pay it forward’ by buying a meal for the next customer. If unable to pay, customers can also volunteer for an hour to earn their meal. We believe that food is where the conversation begins about community, about fighting food insecurity, about access to and education about fresh, healthy food. We give people a hand up, not a hand out, and we empower people with the power of food.” — Lyn Harwell, founder and head chef

Second:Blue Star Recycling

Third: Bestway Disposal

Best Urban Redevelopment

Ivywild School

1604 S. Cascade Ave.

Phone: 366-6100


Year founded: 2013

What was the inspiration for Ivywild?

“The inspiration was based on this idea of an industrial ecology — aligning businesses, uses and facility to facilitation the creation of products. We wanted to create a sense of symbiosis with the brewery at one end and then use the byproducts from that for other industries. For instance, we’ll soon lease space for a greenhouse that will use the spent grains and other byproducts in its gardens. The heat from the brewery can be recycled back into the building. The gray water can be used for irrigation. At the beginning, the idea was to create a functional space to align business and the environment. We wanted to build creative loops — the more loops you have, the more sustainable you are.” — Jim Fennell, architect for Ivywild

Second:Blue Dot Place Apartments and University Village

Third: Lincoln School

The Best Colorado Springs has to Offer

Garden of the Gods

1805 N. 30th St. (Visitors & Nature Center)

Phone: 634-6666


Year Established: 280 million B.C.

What’s great about Garden of the Gods?

Balanced Rock, the Three Graces and, of course, Kissing Camels.

Having been revered as the best park in America, and one of the best in the world, there’s not much left to say about Garden of the Gods, a Colorado Springs icon and national treasure. From hiking to climbing to mountain biking — or just sitting and staring — the park encompasses the best the Centennial State has to offer, to include incomparable beauty. And the greatest thing is, while millions from around the globe travel thousands of miles to gaze upon the coppery towering sandstones set against piercing blue skies, if you live in Colorado Springs, it’s right in your backyard. 

Second:Pikes Peak

Third: Manitou Incline