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Best Boss • Greg Walthour, SocialSEO


Gold: Greg Walthour, SocialSEO

As CEO and founder of SocialSEO, Greg Walthour has been part of a companywide effort that has put them on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies for four years running — five, if they make it this year, which senior marketing manager Daniel Wells considers likely. Wells, a six-year veteran of the company, reports to Walthour directly, and when told that Walthour was a finalist in CSBJ’s Best in Business, he had a few ideas about why. He says that Walthour cares about every one of the company’s nearly 100 employees, from participating in every hiring interview to checking in at the start of every day.

“He’s in there in the trenches with you,” Wells said. “The things we’re doing as a company, he participates along with us. If we’re doing a trash run, he’s helping out cleaning up the joint.” | 719-725-6400 

Silver: Todd Pickle, Pickle Prosthodontics | 719-599-0670

Bronze: Reanna Werner, HR Branches | 719-244-9640


Gold: Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery

Boonzaaijer’s Dutch Bakery was founded by fourth-generation baker Stephen Boonzaaijer. The family’s first pastry shop was established by his great-grandfather in 1896 in the Netherlands. Stephen’s father, Karel Hendrick Boonzaaijer III, immigrated to Michigan and established a bakery in 1964. 

Apprenticing under his father, and with further training in the Netherlands, Stephen eventually worked at The Broadmoor before following in the family tradition, opening Boonzaaijer’s doors in 1999. “Our mission is to produce European-style pastries and cakes while training bakers in the old world methods of production,” Boonzaaijer said. “It is essential that these goals are achieved in tandem, as scratch baking is a dying skill.” 

The bakery features gourmet desserts, custom cakes, artisan breads, pastries and pies. “Our philosophy is simple: Take care of customers and employees and they will take care of the business,” Boonzaaijer said. “We’re not perfect but always strive to do our best.” | 719-264-0177 

Silver: Marigold Café & Bakery | 719-599-4776

Bronze: La Baguette, 2417 W. Colorado Ave | 719-577-4818

Breakfast Restaurant 

Gold: Urban Egg, a daytime eatery

Rocky Mountain Restaurant Group’s breakfast and brunch concept has seen undeniable success. Run by Randy and Liz Price, multiple-decade veterans of the restaurant industry, the Urban Egg brand has grown from one location to nine across Colorado, with Egg No. 10 set to hatch in Kansas City come fall 2021. Aside from its menu, which ranges from light and healthy options to boozy brunch favorites to gourmet pancake flights, Urban Egg’s known for working with Colorado businesses like Barista Espresso, Polidori Sausage and Savory Spice Shop for their supplies, spreading their success to their neighbors. All of these things serve a simple goal: “We will always strive to offer you America’s Best Breakfast.” | Multiple locations 

Silver: Omelette Parlor | 719-633-7770

Bronze: Wade’s Café | 719-596-8122

Car Wash 

Gold: Quick Quack Car Wash

While the most popular use of a car wash is to invoke irony and hope for rain, they’re also useful for keeping a car clean and, for those who opt for more deluxe options, protected from the elements. And for those who clean their car often, California-based Southwestern regional chain Quick Quack Car Wash offers a unique package: unlimited washes for a monthly fee. What does “often” mean? For their highest-end wash, which includes a three-step paint sealing process, wax, an undercarriage rust inhibiting coat and more, a mere two washes per month pays for the unlimited plan. The company also offers fundraising resources and sponsorships for local businesses and organizations. Oh, and if it rains within 48 hours of a car wash, customers can come in for a free re-wash — irony, eat your heart out. | 888-772-2792 

Silver: Water Works Car Wash & Detail | Multiple locations

Bronze: Mister Car Wash | Multiple locations

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Best DogWalkers • PlayTime Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers

Dog Walker

Gold: PlayTime Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers

This local biz opened in 1997, and ever since they’ve offered Springs residents pet sitting, cat sitting and dog walking services accommodating a wide range of pet (and pet-parent) needs. PlayTime’s philosophy: Pets need respect, dignity and comfort to live good lives.

“We firmly believe that tending to an animal’s emotional needs is just as important as going for walks, massages to relax stressed animal, playing games,” said Susan McIntyre, owner of Playtime Pet Sitters. “We’re trying to put ourselves in their paws, so to speak. That’s more than just food, water, clean litter pan.”

And McIntyre says happy pets equate to happy owners. “We’re dedicated to providing the best possible experience for the animals, which also makes the lives of their people better,” McIntyre said. “When someone travels, it’s important that people know that their animals are well cared for.” | 719-475-7297 

Silver: Susie’s Dog Walking | 719-440-4169

No Bronze winner

Child Care Center 

Gold: Hope Montessori Academy

At some point, all parents need child care, and in Colorado Springs, Hope Montessori Academy offers flexible scheduling, including options for those with last-minute needs. They offer half- and full-day programs, with meals and snacks provided, available for children between 6 weeks and 12 years old.

“A lot of our programs have waitlists, but if there’s availability, we can get them started pretty quickly,” said Carrie Olesen, Hope Montessori’s executive director, noting that the curriculum focuses on individualized learning and meeting each child where they are both in terms of development and interest.

And each academy location has a limited number of spaces for families who receive assistance through the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program, a state-run program that subsidizes child care. | 719-488-5800 

Silver: Once Upon A Childcare

Multiple locations

Bronze: Early Connections

Learning Centers (tie) | 719-632-1754

Bronze: UCCS Family Development Center (tie) | 719-255-3483

Computer Services Company 

Gold: Simpleworks IT

Just about every business under the sun uses computers these days, making digital infrastructure one of the most important considerations for businesses of any size. Simpleworks IT offers support and protection for that critical component, with a focus on maximizing uptime, rapid response and defense against digital attacks.

“What we strive to do as an IT company is that we’re a process-driven company…,” says CEO Travis Taylor. “We make sure we’re following best practice and doing things the right way. We also leverage a lot of automation; there’s a lot of tools and systems that we’re able to affect rapidly… to make arduous, complex tasks easy to do.” | 719-437-7593 

Silver: Voelker Research - Mac Repair (tie) | 719-528-5596

Silver: Colorado Computer Support (tie) | 719-355-2440

Bronze: PC Brokers | 719-536-9101

Happy Hour 

Gold: Dublin House Sports Bar and Grill

Happy hour means a few things: cheap drinks, cheap bites and a great vibe for kicking back after a long day of work. At Dublin House, the classic American Irish pub grub makes for a sound accompaniment to the bar’s daily drink specials, which include $2.50 domestic beers and wine, $3 premium beers and $2.25 well drinks. Their happy hour runs from when they open to 7 p.m. (except on Sundays when it ends at 6), which is generous to say the least. And with the bar’s sprawling seating areas and multitudes of televisions, it’s a perfect spot for enjoying a wide variety of sports. | 719-265-8820 

Silver: Cowboy Star Restaurant & Butcher Shop | 719-639–7440

Bronze: The Rabbit Hole (tie) | 719-203-5072

Bronze: Back East Bar & Grill (tie) | 719-264-6161

Health & Fitness Center 

Gold: VASA Fitness

This Utah-based company first came to Colorado in 2016, when locations in Greeley and Aurora brought staggering membership numbers — the Aurora location alone reached 10,000 members by mid-2017. That success pushed rapid expansion across the state. Now, the company has 11 Colorado locations, two of which are in the Springs, and it looks like they’re not done growing. What sets them apart? Well, they market themselves on high quality at a low cost, with plans starting at $9.99 a month and a wide array of exercise options. Per their website: “Personal training? Yoga? HIIT? Basketball? Pool? KidCare? Yep, we’ve got all of that and more.” | Multiple locations

Silver: VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa | 719-522-1221

Bronze: Crunch Fitness | Multiple locations 

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Best Food Truck • “Lucy I’m Home” The Flavor of Cuba

Food Truck 

Gold: “Lucy I’m Home” The Flavor of Cuba

Food truck owner Hector Diaz has found plenty of success and a loyal customer base preparing the Cuban cuisine he grew up with and sharing it with the Springs. “We’re swamped with work,” he said.

Diaz came to the U.S. from Cuba in the early 1960s as part of Operation Peter Pan — a mass exodus of thousands of unaccompanied Cuban minors — along with his sister. Today, he and his family serve authentic Cuban food — like Cubano sandwiches, yuca fries and flan for dessert — from both their truck and their more recently established brick-and-mortar location at 390 N. Circle Drive. And business has been good enough that they’ve even hired their first employees who aren’t family.  719-632-0052 

Silver: Chef Bob’s Lobstah Trap | 719-424-7645

Bronze: Piglatin Food Truck & Cocina | 719-375-0939

Home Improvement

Gold: Binstock Renovations

LaVerne “Bean” and Conni Marie Binstock are married, and so are their businesses. Bean’s repair and renovation business, Amazed Repair Works, and Conni Marie’s business, Connimarie Design, interlink to make Binstock Renovations a full-phase home improvement company. Their story began when Conni Marie hired Bean to add a deck — her design — onto her home. “From taking a quick look at her computer drawing to completion three days later, every detail Conni imagined became reality in Bean’s capable hands,” their website says.

Today, they apply those combined chops to projects ranging from basements to decks to kitchens to bathrooms to additions. 719-210-3343 

Silver: Peak Structural | 719-260-7070

Bronze: Handyman Connection of Colorado Springs  719-259-6219

HR Firm 

Gold: HR Branches

HR Branches, run by “HR geeks” with 30 years of combined experience, helps small companies streamline their processes and avoid employment violations.

“We were born out of a need to help the significantly neglected segment of today’s business sector, which is the small businesses sector,” said HR Branches’ Leah Omar, adding that small businesses needed a lot of help over the last year. “COVID was particularly difficult.”

Despite the pandemic, HR Branches gained new clients and is shifting gears. “We are growing our capabilities to support more small business employers throughout Colorado Springs,” Omar said. “[We’re creating] new and innovative ways to support and meet the needs of our local employers and their teams.” | 719-244-9640 

Silver: Employer’s Resources of Colorado | 719-448-9009

Bronze: Employers Council 


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Local Attraction 

Gold: Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods offers some of the most stunning natural scenery on the planet. The rock formations at the city park are a must-see for Springs visitors, a walk-through geology lesson for an estimated 4 million tourists and locals every year. The park was established in 1909 and designated a National Natural Landmark in 1971. 

Sedimentary beds that were tilted upright over time form the wild white, pink and dark red rocks that dominate the landscape. Unique sites include Kissing Camels and Balanced Rock, which have populated the backgrounds of selfies and family photos of visitors from around the globe for over a hundred years. Be sure to stop by the engaging Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center (see Silver winner for Best Museum & Art Gallery/Tourist Attraction on p. 31) before you set out. | 719-634-6666 

Silver: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo | 719-633-9925

Bronze: Pikes Peak

Landscaping Services

Gold: Timberline Landscaping

Timberline Landscaping has been moving earth for residents and businesses in Colorado Springs since 1982. 

“Timberline has always taken pride in our community involvement,” said Stephanie Early, manager, adding that it was the company’s goal “to continue providing excellent services to our community, be it commercial or otherwise.”

One of the company’s most notable projects was renovating everyone’s favorite torture device, the Manitou Incline, beginning in 2014. Currently, Timberline is working on an expansive renovation at Panorama Park in Southeast Colorado Springs. 719-638-1000 

Silver: Aspen Leaf Outdoor Equipment and Aspen Leaf Landscape Maintenance | 719-591-2816

Bronze: Intermountain Lawns Colorado Springs (tie) | 719-573-5296

Bronze: Colorado Stoneworks Landscaping (tie) | 719-538-6016

Local Tradition

Gold: Labor Day Lift Off

One sure way to soar above the trauma of the last year and a half would be to attend this year’s Labor Day Lift Off, an annual hot air balloon event filling the city’s skies over Labor Day weekend. “We try to make the event as experiential and memorable as possible,” said event director Scott Appelman, “and we’re looking forward to another year. Our team is very passionate about bringing an event that’s safe and fun.”

And be sure to check out the beautiful evening balloon glows, a crowd favorite, if weather permits.

But the balloon glows aren’t the only things bright about this event. As for the Lift Off’s future, things are looking up. “We want to get back to where we were in 2019, which we’re on our way to achieving,” Appelman said, adding, “and there’s more for 2022, more balloons and a longer event, a day or two added, so four or five days for next year!” 719-219-3333 

Silver: Territory Days – canceled in 2021

Bronze: Emma Crawford Coffin Race | 719-685-5089

Medispa Facility

Gold: A Total New You Salon and Spa

A Total New You Salon and Spa celebrated its 30th anniversary in October 2019, and owner Marla Knapp says her “amazing, loyal clientele” is the reason the business didn’t become a COVID casualty. A Total New You offers customized color and design as well as cuts and shampoos, and also features a medical spa offering massages, facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures, hot stone therapy and laser hair removal. Therapeutic services include use of the Rejuvapen (microneedles for skin care), certified electrolysis, back acne treatments, and the “luminous trio” of dermaplaning, microdermabrasion and chemical peels. The spa offers a variety of year-round and holiday spa packages, including bespoke “build your own” packages. Knapp also  credits her passionate staff for ensuring its Best in Business reputation. | 719-528-8511 

Silver: PureLee Redefined | 719-452-8541

Bronze: Genesis MedSpa | 719-579-6890

Moving Company

Gold: Keeping It Moving LLC

Since founding Keeping It Moving in 2017, Jarred Scott has expanded the business to include both local and long-distance moves, as well as commercial moving and even home reorganization. In 2019, the company entered into an agreement to rent U-Haul trucks and vans. Keeping It Moving saw only minimal impact from the pandemic, Scott said, as plenty of people and businesses were still making moves in 2020. The company credits a caring and detail-oriented staff with keeping its reputation consistently high among those it has served in Colorado Springs and beyond. | 719-900-4545 

Silver: Little Red Wagon (tie) | 719-499-6285

Silver: Gorilla Men Movers LLC (tie) | 719-355-5351

Bronze: iHaul iMove Moving Company | 719-357-5865


Gold: Banning Lewis Ranch

The residential community features houses built by Classic Homes, Covington Homes and Oakwood Homes, translating to multiple styles and price points. 

Banning Lewis Ranch’s amenities include the Northtree Ranch House, which has a patio, junior Olympic-size pool and fitness room, a water park with lifeguards, a neighborhood park with firepits and pickleball courts, trails and playgrounds. According to their website, “Families grow as families here at Banning Lewis Ranch.” 

Silver: Old North End (tie)

Silver: Old Colorado City (tie)

Bronze: The Broadmoor (tie)

Bronze: Cordera (tie)


Gold: Jenny Vinatieri-Muhl

Jenny Vinatieri-Muhl is a perpetual networking machine. The hospitality manager (business development and operations) has worked at HR Branches — a company that helps small businesses with their HR needs and winner of Best HR Firm — since September 2020. But when Vinatieri-Muhl is handing out her business cards, it’s about more than closing deals... “I think that being a networker is all about collaboration,” Vinatieri-Muhl said, adding that while the business world can be competitive, she’s only up against one person.   

“I don’t believe in competing with others, I compete with myself,” Vinatieri-Muhl said. “Everyone has something unique to offer, and they just need to let that shine.” | 719-244-9640  

Silver: Adrienne Tuck

Bronze: Peter Husak (tie)

Bronze: Frank Sinclair (tie)

Nonprofit Event

Gold: Pawtoberfest, Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region

The Business Journal’s readers’ pick for best nonprofit event is so good... 

How good is it?

It’s so good, it can skip a year or two and still win Gold. 

The (typically) annual fundraiser for the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region includes pet contests, craft brews and spirit tastings, a 2-mile dog walk, music, vendors, agility demos, food trucks and craft beer. This year, however, HSPPR announced, “For the health and safety of our supporters and out of respect for the challenges our beverage and business partners have faced in the past year, we will not host Pawtoberfest in 2021. Plans are underway however for Pawtoberfest 2022 (tentatively set for Saturday, September 17, 2022, at Bear Creek Regional Park).

“To keep the Pawtoberfest paw-rty going this year we’ve designed a special edition ’21 Pawtoberfest t-shirt available this summer for a limited time only! ... Your t-shirt purchase will raise vital funds to help animals in need. New this year — have an even greater impact when you purchase a plush ‘adoptable’ dog or cat with your Pawtoberfest t-shirt.”

Pawtoberfest fans can look for shirts and “adoptable” plush animals in August 2021, according to HSPPR’s website. | 719-473-1741  

Silver: Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo | 719-635-3547

Bronze: YOT Club | 719-229-0072

Office Cleaning


JAN-PRO cleaned up in 2020. “We had a good year,” said Robert Posch, COO. Since nearly everything needed to be cleaned nearly all the time during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company played a vital role in keeping facilities from medical centers to office buildings clean. JAN-PRO has also been found in schools, places of worship, restaurants and much more. 

“We were the first responders, so to speak,” said Posch.

“All our franchisees own their own businesses,” he added. “They have skin in the game and aren’t just hired workers, so we have the highest retention rate of customers within the state.” 

With around 600 customers, JAN-PRO has built trust through its exceptional work. 

“Ownership is the key,” Posch said. “They develop relationships with the customer.” | 719-264-1117  

Silver: Environment Control | 719-574-2515

Bronze: SCC Cleaning | 719-257-3080

Pet Services

Gold: PlayTime Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers

PlayTime Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers is a multiple award winner. See page 34. | 719-475-7297  

Silver: Susie’s Dog Walking | 719-440-4169

Bronze: BamPaws – Stay and Play (tie) | 719-471-2275

Bronze: Double J Dog Boarding Kennel (tie) | 719-495-1774

Pet Sitter

Gold: PlayTime Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers

PlayTime Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers is a multiple award winner. See page 34. | 719-475-7297  

Silver: Soggy Doggies Grooming LLC 


Bronze: Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital | 719-598-3192

Place for a Business Lunch

Gold: Marigold Café & Bakery

For almost 30 years, Marigold Café & Bakery has served European cuisine to Colorado Springs diners. The eatery is known not only for French classics like filet mignon, trout almondine, and escargots de Bourgogne but also for their award-winning bakery. 

“The dinner food is delicious,” said one Google review. “But save room… If you haven’t had dessert from Marigold, you’re doing it wrong.”  

The spot offers both an intimate setting and full-service catering options, meaning Marigold shares its culinary talents with couples and families as well as businesses looking to entertain. | 719-599-4776  

Silver: Shuga’s | 719-328-1412

Bronze: Phantom Canyon Brewing Company (tie) | 719-229-0072

Bronze: The Famous Steak House (tie) | 719-227-7333

Place to take a Family

Gold: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a multiple award winner. See page 18. | 719-633-9925  

Silver: Garden of the Gods | 719-634-6666

Bronze: United States Olympic & Paralympic Museum and Hall of Fame | 719-497-1234

Place to Work

Gold: Griffis/Blessing Inc.

Griffis/Blessing is a multiple award winner. See page 28. | 719-520-1234  

Silver: SocialSEO | 1-800-657-1645

Bronze: PlayTime Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers | 719-475-7297

PS_Humane Society | Photo by Bryan Oller copy.jpg

Best Place to Volunteer • The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region

Place to Volunteer

Gold: The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region has been serving the community of Colorado Springs since 1949, and it provides a rewarding volunteer experience for anyone who cherishes animals. Offering a variety of opportunities, from fostering animals to merely taking HSPPR’s guests for walks or playdates, it’s no wonder why Business Journal readers love spending their free time with their four-legged friends. And for those who are uncertain as to how they’d like to contribute their time, HSPPR conducts informational sessions at both its Colorado Springs and Pueblo campuses. These sessions provide potential volunteers with information about the Humane Society and the different volunteer tasks available. Just submit an application and you’ll be walking with your new furry friends in no time. | 719-473-1741  

Silver: Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado | 719-528-1247

Bronze: National Mill Dog Rescue | 719-445-6787

Private Members Club

Gold: Garden of the Gods Resort and Club

On June 14, Garden of the Gods Club celebrated its 70th anniversary perched atop a mesa with views of Garden of the Gods. In 1951, Texans Al and Margaret Hill founded the resort, attracting celebrities like Walt Disney and John Wayne. Facilities have grown to include a 27-hole championship golf course, three outdoor swimming pools, two outdoor and four indoor tennis courts, and a variety of dining options. The club has changed hands twice: In 2007, Sunrise Company bought it from Hill Development, and in 2013, local entrepreneurs Brenda Smith and Judy Mackey acquired the resort and incorporated the new STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa. President and CEO James Gibson said the club continued to earn awards during the lean pandemic months, and now is poised to grow during the emerging “boom times.” | 719-632-5541  

Silver: El Paso Club | 719-634-1564

Bronze: The Broadmoor | 800-755-5011

Private Sector Employer

Gold: Pickle Prosthodontics

At Pickle Prosthodontics, Dr. Todd Pickle and his staff have been providing dental health treatments and services since 1994.  

The company’s patient reviews are a testament to the team’s commitment: “He has almost completely cured me of my fear of dentists. I would recommend him to anyone” … “I love him and his staff! I am very satisfied with the time Dr. Pickle and his staff took to ensure that I was satisfied with the choices I made.” 

By the way, the term “prosthodontics” was new to us. Dr. Pickle’s website describes it as: “... using biocompatible substitutes, including implants, to replace missing or deficient teeth and/or craniofacial tissues.” | 719-599-0670  

Silver: HR Branches | 719-244-9640

Bronze: Matrix Design Group Inc. | 719-575-0100


Gold: Marigold Café & Bakery

Marigold Café & Bakery is a multiple award winner. See page 38.


Silver: The Rabbit Hole | 719-203-5072

Bronze: The Margarita at Pine Creek (tie)  719-598-8667

Bronze: Shuga’s (tie) | 719-328-1412

Bronze: Edelweiss German Restaurant (tie) | 719-633-2220


Gold: Mateos Salon and Day Spa

Mateos has been offering a peaceful in-town getaway on Delmonico Drive for more than 20 years, says owner Cindy Bershinsky. Spa services include massages, facial care, nail care, and waxing, while salon styling services and skin care further diversify Mateos’ menu. An on-site boutique offers a variety of items for home and bath, and staff will also create custom gift packages. Those who want to splurge might consider “Mateos Revival,” which includes a massage, facial, pedicure, manicure, spa lunch and more.  | 719-266-9295

Silver: Veda Salon & Spa - Broadmoor Towne Center | 719-578-8332

Bronze: Beauty Bar Inc. - Downtown | 719-473-8404


Gold: AdvantEdge Drywall

Specialty drywall and acoustic ceiling subcontractor AdvantEdge Drywall prides itself on being not just a contractor, but “a partner you can count on,” completing projects on time and within budget while delivering exceptional service. “With over 30 years of commercial experience, we’ve set ourselves apart with our relational focus and commitment to superior craftsmanship,” the company’s website states. AdvantEdge’s services include installing metal studs, drywall and finish; acoustical ceilings; thermal and sound insulation; fire caulking and fire spray; fiberglass-reinforced panels; access panels; plywood; and installing hollow metal doors and window frames. | 719-433-7330

Silver: Rocky Mountain Interior Construction


Bronze: Bryan Construction | 855-391-5355

Technology Consulting Firm

Gold: Voelker Research

Since 1985, independent and locally owned Voelker Research has been providing “top quality sales, service and support for all Apple and Apple-related products and peripherals,” according to its website. An Apple Authorized Reseller and Synology Premier Partner, Voelker sells software, new and used equipment, and provides consignment and managed IT services. “Our service department maintains a large staff of fully trained technicians capable of providing authorized support for your Apple products,” Voelker’s website states. “Our unique approach to the sales process assures that you will always receive the best configuration for your needs.” | 719-528-5596

Silver: Simpleworks IT | 719-476-0444

Bronze: Amnet | 888-708-2281

PS_Ivywild | Photo by Bryan Oller copy.jpg

Best URBAN REDEVELOPMENT • The Ivywild School

Urban Redevelopment

Gold: The Ivywild School

The Ivywild School’s halls were crowded with elementary school kids from 1916 until it closed in 2009. Since 2013, those same halls have become a bustling hub for commerce and community, bringing together local food and drink, education, events and art. After closing during the pandemic for renovations, the Ivywild School unveiled its “new marketplace” in April, retaining its distinctive architectural features and welcoming vibe. It’s now home to an expanded Principal’s Office espresso and cocktail bar, a new beer garden, Ivywild Kitchen, Decent Pizza Co., Lazo Empanadas, and Salad or Bust, as well as Bristol Brewery & Pub,  Axe and the Oak Whiskey, and Loyal Coffee Roasters. 

“We’re always pleased to be recognized for our work with this historic school, but more importantly we’re honored to be the caretakers of this community treasure,” Ivywild School co-developers Mike and Amanda Bristol told the Business Journal. “It is a responsibility we do not take lightly, and we couldn’t do it without the community that supports this type of work.

“Back in 2013 we appreciated having the opportunity to take Ivywild School into its next phase. We knew then that we would keep evolving, and COVID has taught us how important that is. We’re now excited to share our latest updates to Ivywild with everyone. We’re grateful for eight years of support from our community and we’re looking forward to continuing the evolution in the years to come.” | 719-368-6100

Silver: University Village Colorado (tie) | 719-632-5000

Silver: The Lincoln Center (tie)  

Silver: Weidner Field (tie) | 719-368-8480

Bronze: Creekwalk Colorado Springs

Workforce Development

Gold: Pikes Peak Workforce Center

Pikes Peak Workforce Center is helping drive economic recovery in El Paso and Teller counties by providing resources for businesses and job-seekers, and developing the region’s talent pipeline. PPWFC helps people uptrain and re-skill, and connects qualified candidates with open positions. 

“At the Pikes Peak Workforce Center, we are honored to serve both businesses and job seekers, providing funding for staff training and offering career guidance to help the labor force in our community,” said Communications Manager Becca Tonn, adding that it’s an honor to be commended by Business Journal readers. 

“This means our community trusts us and recognizes our ongoing efforts to bolster career success for individuals in our region and also economic success for our local businesses,” she said. | 719-667-3700

Silver: Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center | 719-667-3803

No bronze winner

Residential Community

Gold: Banning Lewis Ranch

Banning Lewis Ranch is a multiple award winner. See p.37.

Silver: Cordera

Bronze: Falcon Meadows at Bent Grass (tie)

Bronze: Mountain Shadows (tie)

Bronze: Old North End (tie)

Bronze: Wolf Ranch Residential Community (tie)