Jessica Ostley

Jessica Ostley

With much of the nation working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, IT firms across the country are facing unprecedented challenges. The surge in traffic might slow other companies, but Amnet is helping more customers than ever — and Jessica Ostley, Amnet’s client account manager, has been crucial to that success. 

Ostley’s work depends on building meaningful relationships with clients, and she says getting to know the Springs  business community is her favorite part of the job.

“It’s helped me really establish a footprint in the community,” Ostley said. “It’s been really exciting to learn more about how these businesses operate … and I really feel like we get to help them do that.”

While her dedication to providing the best experience possible for her clients earned Rising Star status for Ostley, she credits the Amnet family as a whole for her success. With a staff of fewer than 20, Amnet is a “second home” for Ostley and other employees.

She described the extra effort it’s taken to keep up those relationships, both with Amnet and her clients.

“Making yourself present where presence can be overseen is huge,” Ostley said. “Building trust and relationships that are honest and open just simply have to do with being up front.”

These relationships have allowed her to achieve new levels of productivity this year, offering an invaluable service for companies, businesses and individuals facing the difficulties of transitioning operations to a virtual sphere. 

Ostley said one of her biggest achievements was streamlining her processes for sharing and displaying the information that helps organizations run smoothly.

She recognizes that once the pandemic eases, she’ll be presented with a new set of challenges. But having faith in her team makes her confident they’ll be ready to face any issue their clients may run into.

“We really care, not just about our clients but about the overall success of Colorado Springs businesses,” she said.

“There’s definitely an opportunity here that I think is larger than most,” she said. “We’re not a huge metro, but we are up and coming, and the potential is there, and it’s very exciting.

“I’m really excited for the growth and it’s a huge attractive area for a lot of people and a lot of young professionals especially,” she said. “I think as businesses grow, maybe they’ll open another location in Colorado Springs, or maybe they add 10, 20 new employees. I think there’s going to be a lot of opportunity for those young professionals.” 

Ostley is committed to going the extra mile. While her role at Amnet is not technical, she earned her CompTIA, Computer Fundamentals certification in 2021. As a part of the Amnet team, Ostley worked to implement a new computer lab at Catholic Charities Marian House in 2019. She’s active with Aspiring Change Makers of Colorado Springs, the Colorado Springs Executives Association, the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, and the Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs.

“Jessica doesn’t wait for someone to lead,” Amnet Founder and CEO Trevor Dierdorff said in nominating her. “She takes initiative in life and in business.”