Grant Jones

Grant Jones

A gymnast as a child, Grant Jones visited Colorado Springs frequently to train at the United States Olympic Training Center. As an adult, he found the allure of those five rings and the city he loved as a youngster irresistible. So he moved here to continue to be part of the city’s Olympic tradition. 

“As a youth athlete, I would travel frequently to Colorado Springs, and I was always very fond of the city, and it being a home to Olympic and Paralympic sport,” he said. “So in 2014, we moved here. At the time, I was working in medicine in New York City and was really wanting to get back into sport and help contribute and turn American sport into its next chapter.”

After a few years working for USA Fencing, he moved on and used his medical background to raise money to bring Children’s Hospital  Colorado, Colorado Springs, the only pediatric hospital in southern Colorado, to the city. That task done, the energetic Jones moved again in 2019, this time to embrace both health and wellness at Strata Integrated Wellness, part of the Garden of the Gods Club and Resort. 

Jones grew up in Oklahoma City and embraced gymnastics as a toddler. He was talented, working with the top people in the field. As a high school senior, he was working out twice a day — gymnastics was his life. But repeated injuries put his Olympic dreams to rest and he found another calling: medicine. 

“I had a career-ending injury,” he said. “Many of them — and the doctors just said that if I got injured again, they’d have to amputate my foot. It was time to sunset that chapter — and that was all I knew. I only knew gymnastics. So I had to look around and see what I was going to do next. The thing I knew the most about was medicine, from all the doctors. I transitioned into medicine. In many ways, it was a natural decision.”

He put the same intensity, dedication and commitment into a medical career that once carried his gymnastic dreams. And in 2014, he found himself in New York, working in academic research. 

But the Olympic rings and what he calls the “magic” of Colorado Springs continued to call. And now, Jones says he’s leading the holistic medicine movement in here, part of a global effort toward health and preventive medicine that is seen as a renaissance in the field. 

“It’s looking at the whole person,” he said. “It’s part of the industry shift from this reactive, transactional approach to health and wellness. And it’s the brink of a huge change in the medical field.”

It’s no surprise he found that in Colorado Springs, he said. 

“It’s all about the power of place,” he said. “It ties back to sport, being around such aspirational and inspirational role models. I love the ideas of the possible.”

The words that inspire him: transformation, innovation and creativity. And he lives his life by those words. Together, they drive his professional life. 

And it’s shows, say his nominators, Judy Mackey and Brenda Smith, co-owners of the resort. 

“During his tenure, Grant has made significant contributions in advancing the Garden of the Gods Resort and Club as a prominent health and wellness organization,” they said. “His innate abilities to understand and anticipate client needs, conduct sophisticated transactions and maximize market positioning have resulted in expedited company growth and a strong leadership brand presence.”

But it’s not all business, they said. 

“Grant is a knowledgeable executive with a heart to serve others and an abundance of initiative and motivation; he leads with thoughtfulness and kindness, passion and intellect, and intentionality and methodology.”


Amy Gillentine is publisher and executive editor of the Colorado Springs Business Journal. She is an award-winning writer and editor. Amy started at the Business Journal as its health care and defense reporter in 2005.