When Leah Baldwin’s husband, Luke, passed away in April 2019, she didn’t know how she was going to pick herself up again.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is more than a meme. She’s more than a Saturday Night Live skit and more than a political pawn in the 2020 election.

Are we all sick of politics? The good news is that the election will be over and done with sometime after Nov. 3, unless there’s a repeat of Bush vs. Gore. If so, our long national nightmare will continue until the Supreme Court anoints a winner.

Molly Quinn plans to combine her love of sports with her knowledge of marketing and philanthropy to help the U.S. Association of Blind Athletes grow.

Question: It has been almost 20 years since the accounting failures at Enron and other high-profile companies and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) was passed. Whistleblowers played a key role in the discovery of these failures. How can organizations implement effective whistleblowing programs?  

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Southwest Colorado Springs is undergoing a remarkable transformation, and it’s not just the gleaming U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum and Hall of Fame and the soon-to-be completed Downtown stadium.

What do old guys talk about when they get together for coffee? Do they argue about politics, reminisce about the beautiful young women they once dated, brag about their business coups back in the 1980s or complain about the afflictions of old age? Nope — in my experience, they talk about the…

Colorado restaurants have been fighting for survival throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and with winter weather fast approaching — vastly reducing outdoor dining — things will likely get worse before they get better.

A Colorado Springs native, Latrina Ollie is hoping to inspire fellow entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and promote growth in the Southeast.

It’s scary, but businesses that see a sales bump around Halloween are uncertain whether to expect a trick or a treat this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the screaming headlines of COVID, the upcoming election, the economy and international relations dominate the conversation and would seem to indicate that arts and culture are not currently an important force in our world, the truth is vastly different. Arts and culture are the touchst…

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I recently read The Gazette’s editorial “Closing schools does more harm than good,” and as the spouse of an elementary school teacher and the father of a second-grader, I wanted to share some thoughts. First, The Gazette is far from the only publication making this argument. In fact, we have…

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Residents of Southeast Colorado Springs had little or no primary health care access before 2014, when Cory Arcarese founded Value Care Health Clinic. Many people called the area a health care desert.

As a kid, I was fascinated by chess. It was more than a game; it was cerebral, combative, intense and endlessly interesting. Every game was different, and the playing field never changed. No matter how skilled and experienced your opponent, you start out even. 

Amid soaring unemployment and major economic upheavals, those searching for employment are facing many uncertainties. 

Originally from Rockford, Illinois, Mindi Linscombe came to Colorado Springs in 2004 to complete a master’s degree in education, with an emphasis in English as a second language. She worked as a Spanish and ESL teacher in Colorado Springs before starting her bridal boutique, Something New, i…

Local craft brewery and restaurant Cerberus Brewing Co. has cultivated a stellar reputation based on its excellent food, hip atmosphere and, of course, its beer. The man responsible for Cerberus’ brews, head brewer and co-owner Josh Adamski, is a 20-year Springs resident who turned his home-…

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Unable to host groups in confined spaces like galleries, theaters and other performance venues, Colorado Springs arts nonprofits face a conundrum connecting with clients and patrons in a socially distanced world.

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On Monday, America blew past 6 million confirmed COVID-19 cases. Over 183,000 have died, almost 2,000 of them in Colorado. The scientists at John’s Hopkins University are tallying the carnage for us.

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After earning her bachelor’s in history from Regis University, Colorado Springs native Lauren Shakes had the opportunity to move to a town in Brazil and teach English. Then 22 years old, she jumped on the opportunity. But six months in, she was given a choice: The school needed a full-time t…

In 1873 Isabella Bird, an adventurous Englishwoman, rode her borrowed horse Birdie through the rough settlements and towering mountains of the Colorado Front Range. Bird, 42, was tough, athletic, curious and an extraordinarily gifted writer. She documented her trip in letters to her sister, …

The COVID-related shutdown in March and April slammed the brakes on motor vehicle sales. But local dealers are reporting that, since they have reopened, sales have accelerated to the point where some can’t keep up with demand.

Located in Southeast Colorado Springs, Kingdom Builders Family Life Center is a nonprofit that provides education and support to victims of domestic violence. Founded in 2013 by executive director Lisa Jenkins, who is herself a survivor of domestic violence, the organization has grown from a…

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Colorado Springs hotels posted the highest occupancy rates in the nation for the week ending Aug. 15 and the weekend of Aug. 15-16, according to STR, a leading tourism industry data and research firm.

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In the last few years, video has exploded across the internet, from social media platforms based completely on video, to stories becoming a popular way to peek behind the scenes, to YouTube continuing to dominate a huge portion of content creation. Businesses wanting to be successful moving …

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Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Eric Phillips decided to make Colorado Springs his home after 14 years of service in the Army. Phillips is the owner of 3E’s Comedy Club, Colorado Springs’ newest comedy venue, located in Bancorp Plaza on Nevada Avenue.

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We’ve heard the term “post-truth world” used to describe our current situation. It’s seen in the proliferation of “alternative facts” that make their way through social media; it’s been used to explain the outright lies told on cable news networks; and the term is particularly apt when it co…

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Driving up to Cripple Creek last Saturday morning, we were surprised to see scores of motorcycles heading back from the Creek on Highway 67. I knew that the annual Veterans Rally had been canceled because of concerns about COVID-19, so I figured that the guys we saw were just freelancers enj…