Welcome to the Rising Stars nominations for 2020! 

We honor 25 up-and-coming leaders in the Pikes Peak region every year — with a magazine, an awesome party and really cool trophies!

Here’s some of what you’ll need for your nominee to get started: 

  1. Two letters of recommendation 
  2. Résumé or link to LinkedIn profile required*
  3. Knowledge of their community activities 
  4. Nominee’s current occupation
  5. Nominee’s professional accomplishments

Tips for creating a great nomination: 

  1. Talk to the person you want to nominate. There could be even more outstanding things about them you don’t know. 
  2. Be detailed. We know you think they’re awesome, but we need to know WHY.
  3. Be sure to list accomplishments and achievements.
  4. Tell their story: Where they came from, what they are doing, what they hope to do. 
  5. Fill out every part of the form – we get more than 100 nominations every year. Give your nominee the best chance to shine.
  6. Ask for letters of recommendation from people who know them best. Two are required and must come from different people.

Nominations due by Jan. 31, 2020.

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