Tips for nominating a Women of Influence

1. Fill out the application fully.

2. Pay close attention to the questions about community involvement and what makes this person a Woman of Influence.

3. Be sure to include any and all activities that make them stand out: parent activities, education, volunteerism, military service – the sky’s the limit!

4. Remember: Different people have different spheres of influence: Don’t hesitate to nominate someone you think is doing amazing work., no matter what that might look like

5. Make sure you have all the information needed when you start the application.

6. Collaborate with the individual. They know their own story.

7. Enlist family and friends for the questions.

8. Be enthusiastic, be clear, be complete.

9. Use concrete examples of her awesomeness.

10. Tell her unique story. Is she innovative? Creative? Is she a business leader or a nonprofit executive? Does she teach? Is she a community volunteer?

Nominations for 2020 Women of Influence open Aug. 1.

2020 Women of Influence

2020 Women of Influence