Bristol Brewing’s doing something different at Ivywild School, opening Bristol’s Spark Beer+BBQ in a repurposed shipping container. 

Spark will offer “beer-friendly smoked meats and sides” in front of Ivywild on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m-9 p.m. now through May, and more days will be added over the summer.

Bristol’s announcement says while Spark “adheres to no particular regional BBQ style, Bristol was fortunate to find a husband-and-wife chef team, Evan and Tarah Wagstaff, who hail from the BBQ-rich state of Alabama, and whose work experience includes a stint at one of that area’s classic BBQ restaurants.” 

The chefs prepare everything from scratch in the shipping container, and serve it from Spark’s pickup window.

“I’ve thought about starting a BBQ place ever since I got a taste of it while living in Amanda’s hometown in North Florida,” said Mike Bristol, who co-founded the brewery with wife Amanda. “To me, BBQ is one of those foods that feeds the soul and brings people together around the table — just like beer. So it’s a natural for us.”

The menu includes BBQ classics smoked on site, like brisket, pulled pork, chicken, spare ribs, and a beer bratwurst. Meats come in a sandwich version as well, on buns baked with the brewery’s spent grain (a “wholesome byproduct of the brewing process,” Bristol explains) by local baker Delicias. 

Spark Beer+BBQ is the first phase in a planned redesign of the front yards at Ivywild School.