Recently, I experienced the Strata Integrated Wellness Spa at the Garden of the Gods Resort and Club first-hand — and its extraordinary inclusivity and consideration amazed me. From the moment I entered Strata, I felt calm and free from expectations.

The wooden and white waiting room reflects the center’s natural-but-sleek tone, and a large orchid wafts an understated, sweet floral scent throughout the room. Elora Lobosco, Strata’s wellness coordinator, offered me a cup of tea while I waited.

Around every turn, the staff and clinical team listened to the needs of my mind and body, taking the time to truly understand which areas were out of balance, before creating a highly individualized treatment plan.

The first step in my Strata treatment was to speak with a naturopathic doctor about my physical and mental health. Dr. Karly Powell conducted a no-stress consultation around what I was doing for my body, and how I could improve it.

Dr. Powell placed enormous emphasis on the importance of preventative care. She encouraged me to be as mindful and healthy as possible now, to help avoid complications down the line.

After receiving an in-depth, individualized plan for how to better maintain my health — including stress-relief tips, a lesson on balanced eating and a list of natural herbs to relieve headaches and joint pain — it was time to check into the spa.

Strata encourages self-care, which is evident throughout the entire spa experience. I was given a plush robe and slippers at check-in, and the staff made sure the locker room was stocked with anything I could have needed before or after my facial.


Rebecca Johnston, the spa’s executive director and esteemed esthetician, took the time to review my skin care routine and goals before crafting a 120-minute therapeutic treatment, unique to my needs.

After the spa, I met with Shane Wells, a doctor of chiropractic medicine. As an athletic Colorado native, I’ve had my fair share of minor injuries. Dr. Wells listened to all of them, determined my body’s hierarchy of needs, and then set to work fixing each of the old muscle aches — he even found a few that I had forgotten about. One week after my session, I’ve had fewer neck and shoulder cramps, even after typing for hours at a time.

My final treatment was with Kelli Miller, a licensed acupuncturist who combines Western and ancient Chinese medicines to realign energy within the body. I had not previously considered acupuncture as a treatment option, but the care and attention that comes along with it left me feeling happy, relaxed and ready to take on the rest of the day.

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Strata’s unique philosophy of integrated wellness makes them unlike any other spa or healing center. The care and attention I received throughout my treatment process was unparalleled and left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, with a better understanding of how to listen to and take care of my body.

With Strata’s help, I now have a healthier and more mindful relationship with myself — and that’s more important than any routine spa day.