Strata Integrated Wellness Spa, located at the Garden of the Gods Resort and Club, aims to help clients reach their ultimate potential, both physically and emotionally. Their integrated approach to wellness allows each visitor a holistic and individualized treatment, whether they are in good health or are recovering from an illness or injury.

Recently, I had the chance to experience Strata for myself. As with most new patients, my treatment began with a medical consultation. I met with Dr. Karly Powell to discuss my general health and to identify improvable areas.


Powell always knew she wanted to go into the medical field, but she didn’t align with some of the pharmaceutical training she had to complete in medical school. Looking for a more holistic approach to healing, she found naturopathic medicine. She brings to Strata a wide-range of expertise — from functional biochemistry to herbal and botanical medicines.

Powell met me in Strata’s main waiting room and led me back to her office.

Everything about her radiates confidence, from her strong handshake to her medical knowledge. Her office is pristine and minimalistic, with simple decor that doesn’t distract.

While we spoke, Powell made sure that I understood the details of the medical terms she was using. She suggested that the issues I brought up could be caused by a hormone imbalance, drawing a sketch of a three-legged stool to help me better understand the science behind her prognosis.

As a naturopathic doctor, Powell specializes in “teasing out” medical issues and finding holistic, natural cures. She told me that much of her work is in preventative care; during consultations and early sessions, she helps patients discover and heal imbalances within their bodies before they turn into major health issues.

“I treat a wide variety of concerns,” Powell said. “Most people can benefit, whether they catch something in an early stage or have a chronic issue.”


After our consultation, Powell suggested that I partake in medical blood testing, something that she explained is common in nearly 85 percent of her patients. Then, she referred me to Melinda Poland, a nurse practitioner who specializes in women’s health.

Poland, who has 30 years of nursing experience, joined the Strata team this year to promote further integration. As a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine, she places an extreme importance on her clients’ mental health, as well as physical.

Her practice encompasses “OB-GYN work from a functional approach,” Poland explained.

At the beginning of my appointment, she had me complete two questionnaires — one about my personal self-care habits and another detailing all of my physical symptoms, not only those directly involved with women’s health.

“If everyone was treated by a functional medicine provider, they’d be a lot healthier from the get-go,” Poland said.

By the end of our session, Poland suggested that I make a natural switch for some of the medicines I currently take. She also provided me with a list of stress-relieving practices, such as writing in a gratitude journal and switching up my eating habits.

I left the wellness portion of my Strata experience feeling more confident in my healing decisions, as Powell and Poland provided me with knowledge about my current medication that I had not previously received from any other doctor.

Now, I feel more aware of what I put into my body and how that can affect my mood and emotions.