Six & Geving Insurance

Six & Geving Insurance is located at 3630 Sinton Road #200, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80907. 

Approaching its fourth decade in business, Six & Geving Insurance has grown from humble roots to the largest locally-owned commercial insurance agency in Colorado Springs that focuses on offering quality services and building relationships with its customers.

Six & Geving Insurance started in the early 1990s when founder Wayne Six, who has spent his entire life working in the insurance business, moved from Texas to Colorado Springs and opened an insurance agency, Six Insurance and Risk Management.

In Colorado Springs, Six met fellow co-founder Randy Geving, who began his insurance career in 1983 and opened his own firm in 1988. In 1991, the two men joined forces and expanded their individual companies to become Six & Geving Insurance Inc.

Six & Geving Insurance started with a vision to serve customers by providing the best insurance products available. Today, it is the largest locally-owned commercial insurance agency in Colorado Springs. It serves more than 3,000 clients and continues to provide excellence in insurance and risk management services.



The key to that longevity and growth, Six said, is in the relationships the company has built with its customers and its community.

“Getting to know people well is a significant part of handling their insurance properly,” Six said. “We have worked with some of the same people for 25 years, and you really get to build a relationship that way.”

In addition to getting to know their clients well, employee retention has also played a key role in Six & Geving’s growth over the years. Six said the company still has many of its original employees, and the average tenure of its staff is 22 years with the business. That means many of the company’s clients have worked with the same staff for decades.

“From the client perspective, if they call in and work with any one of our individuals, they can potentially work with that person forever,” Six said. “We don’t reorganize our clients for efficiency. Everything we do is based on building relationships.”

Six & Geving offers a wide range of services, including risk management, business insurance, personal insurance, workers compensation, employee benefits and surety bonding.

While the core of the company’s services has remained the same over the years, Six said he has seen growth in certain areas, largely in response to national events that trigger a reaction for insurance. For example, in the last 10 years or so, he said, the company has seen an increase in liability insurance related to sexual misconduct and harassment and an increase in cyber insurance in response to data breaches.

As the company continues to grow, Six said they are working to add younger but experienced staff members in their 30s and 40s. The insurance software the company uses is now a cloud-based software so staff can operate from anywhere, he said.

The company intends to continue growing, mostly based on the foundation that has worked for it for nearly 30 years: building relationships.

“We’re blessed in that we really have a marvelous group of people working for us,” Six said. “Like any business, it comes down to the people that you have working for you. Our staff is well educated in insurance and they really care about clients.”

To learn more about Six & Geving Insurance, visit the company’s website at or call (719) 590-9990.

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