With a lush golf course, exceptional views, and dynamic spa, salon and wellness experiences, it’s no surprise that Garden of the Gods Resort and Club and Strata Integrated Wellness Spa have rapidly become a premier luxury resort destination in the Pikes Peak region. What might be surprising, however, is the sheer number of amenities offered to those who take advantage of the unique corporate and young professional memberships offered by the resort’s membership club. While Garden of the Gods Resort and Club is often celebrated for its community and family benefits, there are some unsung opportunities for those navigating the business world, too.


Garden of the Gods Resort and Club

The corporate membership includes numerous business services that allow members to cultivate an elevated profile that delivers authentic business value. After all, what better place to build a relationship — or close a deal — than in the quiet elegance of one of the club’s exclusive restaurants? The answer to that question just might be found in its 10,000 square feet of meeting space. Featuring exceptional business services, catering options, audio/visual capabilities and, of course, breathtaking views, Garden of the Gods Resort and Club ensures that meetings are productive, comfortable and above all, private.


Garden of the Gods Resort and Club

“Our corporate members can do business while playing a game of golf, or work out of the public eye in one of our private meeting spaces,” says Pat Cone, Director of Membership and Special Projects. She notes that many of the club’s entrepreneurs value the quiet, confidential atmosphere when working through negotiations, mergers and other sensitive business matters. Corporate memberships have the added benefit of reduced initiation fees with four or more corporate members.

While the corporate category is rapidly becoming one of the club’s most popular memberships, up-and-coming entrepreneurs have not been left behind. Garden of the Gods Resort and Club has developed a young professional membership category that offers individuals age 39 and under access to all the club’s top amenities, including golf, with a reduced, one-time initiation fee. Cone says that the membership provides opportunities for rising stars to establish themselves even as they grow their careers — and access to the biggest names in the Colorado Springs business scene doesn’t hurt, either.


Garden of the Gods Resort and Club

Of course, it’s not all business at the club. Both the corporate and young professional memberships extend access to spouses and families, too. There are also membership categories for distinguished military service, culinary enthusiasts, and those purely devoted to hitting the greens as often as possible. No matter which category a member selects, resources such as the premier tennis complex and its permanent indoor courts, the breathtaking infinity pool overlooking Garden of the Gods park, and the thriving year-round social calendar ensure that everyone can enjoy a membership’s benefits.

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