Downtown hotelier/restaurateur Perry Sanders confirmed this morning that he has purchased The Famous Steakhouse, located at 31 N. Tejon in downtown Colorado Springs.

“(My partner) John Goede and I own the building,” said Sanders, “and we love The Famous and the way it’s been run for more than a decade. Tony Leahy was ready to strictly focus on his restaurant at Patty Jewett and he will still keep an eye on the Famous. Nothing will change — we love The Famous. It’s perfect just the way it is, except maybe more champagne on the menu.”

Sanders is planning to open a “club room” adjacent to the Famous in the back half of the building.

“This (the purchase) made sense, just to avoid building another kitchen,” Sanders explained.

Both singly and in partnership with Goede, Sanders owns the Wyndham Mining Exchange Hotel, The Antlers, Springs Orleans restaurant, Johnny Martin’s Car Club, The Gold Room and 31 N. Tejon. Does he plan further investments?

Not at the moment, apparently.

“Don’t make it seem that we’re trying to buy up downtown, because we aren’t,” Sanders said. “We just like preserving great buildings and businesses. Our deal is about making sure things that are a part of the core of downtown stay solid. We are trying support the best of the best whether we own them or not.”