Booz Allen Hamilton is the newest founding member of Space ISAC, the National Cybersecurity Center and Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center announced today. 

Chris Bogdan, senior vice president and a leader in Booz Allen’s aerospace business, will join the Space ISAC board.

Space ISAC, the nation’s only space-dedicated information sharing and analysis center, is based at the NCC and was unveiled in April during a classified session at the 35th Space Symposium

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions was Space ISAC’s first founding member, providing the initial funding and support to set up the organization.

Booz Allen Hamilton joins Space ISAC as an integral player with significant cybersecurity, engineering and analytics expertise, according to a news release from the NCC.

Together, NCC and the Space ISAC serve cyber influencers from the commercial sector, academia, government and military and empower people to secure commercial, international and military space communications from attacks on our global space assets. They are jointly building a research and development capability, cybersecurity training curriculum and an analysis portal. 

ISACs are sector-specific, member-driven organizations stood up by the commercial sector with support from the federal government to collect, analyze and disseminate all-hazards, actionable threat and mitigation information to asset owners, operators and members.

There are 21 nationally-recognized ISACs today, with the financial services ISAC being the largest.

“Our space community needs timely, actionable information to respond to attacks, and we can only do this if we work together in a high-trust information sharing environment,” the NCC’s Erin Miller said in the release.

The need for a Space ISAC was conceived by the Science and Technology Partnership Forum in 2017 in response to recognized information sharing gaps within the cybersecurity and space community.

The formation of the Space ISAC supports the White House’s National Cyber Strategy, published in September 2018, which states that “the Administration will enhance efforts to protect our space assets and support infrastructure from evolving cyber threats,” while working “with industry and international partners to strengthen the cyber resilience of existing and future space systems.”

“This intersection of space and cybersecurity represents a unique public-private partnership at the tip of the spear and is in perfect alignment with NCC’s vision to secure the world,” NCC CEO Vance Brown said. “The greatest threat to our space assets is our cyber interference. The NCC is uniquely qualified to facilitate the mitigation of cyber risks.”