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MotoMinded has made and distributed 20,000 face shields for first responders, hospital staff, nursing homes and nonprofits on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19.

The Colorado Springs manufacturer, which usually designs and produces motorcycle accessories, adjusted quickly to produce face shields in response to the pandemic. When combined with face masks, the shields keep first responders safer and help prolong the life of their masks.

“To date it looks like we have made and given out around 20,000 shields altogether, going to around a total of about 50 different organizations, including county and city departments, nonprofits, nursing homes, barbers and salons, first responders, homeless shelters, hospitals, early childcare providers, and dentists,” MotoMinded owner Chris Vestal said via email.

“[I] would say about 90% have gone to Colorado Springs, and the other 10% have mostly gone statewide. And we will have about another 20,000 made by week’s end and continue to get those out over the coming months using word of mouth networks and our website.”


MotoMinded face shields COVID-19

MotoMinded is partnering with 

The Legacy Institute

, which lets members of the public request free shields for an organization or group in Colorado Springs or donate boxes of 100 disposable face shields to a nonprofit, hospital or group of first responders outside of Colorado Springs.

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Vestal said MotoMinded has also made and given out around 4,000 “ear savers” which make mask wearing more comfortable for those who have to wear a face mask all day. “I think we are making and giving out at least 10,000 more of those this month,” he said.


MotoMinded face shields