Revenue from the city of Colorado Springs’ 2 percent lodgers tax and 1 percent auto rental tax, together known as the LART Combined tax, dropped by 26.8 percent in September, as compared with September 2019. For the year to date, LART revenue is down 45.4 percent from the same period last year.

The majority of the revenue reflects business activity that occurred in August. The city finance department issued the September report Oct. 14.

Collections from the city’s 2.0 sales and use tax were up 1.9 percent in September as compared with September 2019, but sales tax revenue for the year to date is running about 4.2 percent below the same period last year.

The city collected nearly $16.1 million in September in the sales and use taxes that support the general fund and finance day-to-day operations.

In an analysis comparing current sales tax collections with the prior year by industry sector, medical marijuana revenue showed the largest percent increase in September, with collections increasing 34.6 percent over last year.

Furniture and appliance and grocery sales tax collections also grew, up 20 percent and 17 percent, respectively.

The industries with the largest percentage decreases in September were hotels and motels (33.5 percent), utilities (14.9 percent) and restaurants (10.9 percent).

The full sales tax report is on the city’s website.