The international company, which has a call center in Pueblo, said it has been testing out a work-at-home model in which employees undergo an intense seven-week training program and then are cut loose to work from home. Colorado Springs is the company’s first large-scale work-at-home venture, said Robyn Gross, spokeswoman for the New York-based company.

“We’ve found it to be very successful,” Gross said. “Working from home opens so many opportunities for people.”

In the work-at-home program, iQor employees will take inbound customer care calls on issues as simple as account inquiry to something complex like problems with service, Gross said.

Employees will train in Colorado Springs Training Center at 2864 S. Circle Drive. The office is expected to open next week, Gross said.

Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED, customer service experience and access to high speed Internet.

“We’d like to have everyone in place by the end of the year,” Gross said.

Gross did not disclose salary ranges, but said iQor gives its U.S. employees universal health insurance and pays salaries and bonuses and employees have opportunities to move up within the company.

iQor’s services include customer management and other call-center work. The company also handles financial services and industry-specific tasks and has clients such Capital One, DirecTV and MetroPCS Communications.

iQor has 14,000 employees at 31 locations in the U.S. and six countries. In the United States, the company has centers in Columbus, Ohio, Buffalo, N.Y and Pueblo, where the company has operated a call center under the name RMS for six years. iQor also has operations in Canada, India, the Philippines and Britain. Its annual revenue is $500 million.

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