Jenifer Furda has resigned as chief operating officer of the National Cybersecurity Center to become program manager of external customer relations for Kaiser Permanente, effective Nov. 27.

Furda, who was formerly the publisher of the Colorado Springs Business Journal, joined the NCC as COO Feb. 24.

Asked about the NCC’s plans in the wake of Furda’s resignation, CEO Vance Brown said: “We’re in the process of finalizing and getting board approval on our strategic plan, on our business plan for 2018, and then based on those decisions we’ll align resources accordingly.”

Brown will present the strategic plan to the NCC’s board of directors next week.

Furda said she “really wanted to give Vance Brown the opportunity to build the team that the NCC 2.0, if you will, needs and wants.

“And not that he didn’t need me or want me,” she added, “but every CEO deserves the opportunity to build what they need to build — and I really was brought on for NCC 1.0 and I was brought on in a very particular role, so I really wanted to give Vance the opportunity to do that.”

Brown assumed the interim CEO position with the NCC Aug. 29, when Ed Rios resigned as CEO.

“I speak extremely highly of the NCC and with Vance and [Lt. Gen., ret.] Ed [Anderson] at the helm, they will succeed in whatever they look like in the future,” Furda said, adding, “I love cyber and I love cybersecurity and I love blockchain technology — I just don’t necessarily need to work in it.”

She said she is “super excited” about her new role with Kaiser Permanente, citing the nonprofit’s strong leadership, company culture and reputation for making a difference in the community.

Kaiser Permanente Director of Business Operations and Market Expansion Troy Stubbings said Furda is filling a new position in Kaiser Permanente’s southern Colorado operations.

At Kaiser Permanente we strive to bring high quality, affordable health care to our members and to the communities we serve,” he said. “We constantly look for ways to bring skills to our team to promote new growth, retain membership and build relationships within our communities. In order for us to continue these efforts, the decision has been made to hire a program manager to help us place additional attention towards retention and customer loyalty.

We’re thrilled to have Jen with her skill set and her passion for southern Colorado and the Pikes Peak region — we’re thrilled to have her on board.”

Stubbings said Kaiser Permanente is celebrating its 20th anniversary in southern Colorado this year, and has seen about 5.5 percent membership growth over the last three years.

Not only is it about the new members but it’s about retention and keeping the members they have,” Furda said.

“One of my biggest roles is going to be going out and connecting with people and saying ‘Hey, how’s Kaiser doing for you?’ I love Colorado Springs, and going into this role at Kaiser Permanente just gives me another opportunity to be back into the community that I love so dearly…

“This is a positive story,” she added. “This is good for NCC, this is good for Kaiser Permanente, this is good for me and quite frankly it’s good for Colorado Springs. It’s good all the way around.”