downtown Colorado Springs, Pioneers Museum and Plaza of the Rockies

Colorado Springs got a shoutout recently in a Forbes article about cities across America that are conveying COVID-19 safety messaging in fun, creative and colorful ways.

The article, posted July 20 on Forbes’ website, states: “From the Heartland to the coast, cities, towns, small businesses and even national parks across the US are stepping up with their own solutions, including some clever messaging.

The story notes that in Colorado Springs, “stylish stickers on sidewalks around the lovely downtown show where people (and their pets) should stand to maintain social distance.”

The Downtown Partnership created, paid for and installed the sidewalk graphics.

Telluride is the only other town highlighted in the article. The post salutes a billboard at the entrance to downtown Telluride that encourages locals and visitors to wear a mask.

The article, titled “Towns Across America That Are Winning The COVID-19 Messaging Game,” also points to a masked T-Rx statue outside Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri; posters at Grand Teton National Park that feature pronghorn demonstrating social distancing; and socially distanced outdoor dining in Telluride and Santa Monica, California.

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