The Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment’s latest figures, released 4 p.m. May 3, show the statewide death toll stands at 842, an increase of 22 in 24 hours.

Across the state, 16,635 cases were recorded, up 867 from the day before. Hospitalizations stood at 2,799 and 81,352 people had been tested.

The CDPHE summary released today only includes data through Friday, May 1, and does not reflect cases since then.

CDPHE’s data shows El Paso County cases at 994, with 75 deaths. El Paso County Public Health’s data dashboard shows 1,016 cases in the county, with 75 deaths.

El Paso County Public Health’s dashboard states: “Starting the week of April 20, 2020, epidemiologists began to review the cause of death information on death certificates and began to enter COVID-19 caused deaths into the state’s database if those deaths had not previously been reported to the state.

“Due to the lag in time between when a person dies and when the state receives the death certificate information, there could continue to be a short delay in getting and reporting some of the data to the public.”