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Along with community leaders, the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC has launched a campaign supporting Colorado Springs Ballot Issue 1.

Issue 1 would remove a limit in the city charter of just 30 words for any ballot issue about taxes or debt. Voters will decide the City Council-referred issue in the special municipal election April 6, and will elect representatives for the six City Council districts.

“Government owes its citizens an explanation,” Mayor John Suthers said of the measure. “When government asks the people to consider voting for something, voters deserve a thorough explanation of where the money will be spent and how they’ll be assured it was spent as they were promised.”

Richard Skorman, president of City Council, said the 30-word limit does not serve voters.

“Voting yes for Issue 1 increases transparency and accountability on the ballot,” Skorman said.

Susan Davies, executive director of the Trails and Open Space Coalition, also said she supported the measure.

“Parks advocates plan to ask voters to approve extending TOPS, and we’d like to give a clear explanation of the program," Davies said. “Even Twitter gives you more space to explain something than our city charter.”

City Council member and former Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams said Colorado Springs is the only city in the state that imposes the 30-word limit.

“Colorado Springs voters deserve the same accountability and transparency that every other voter in the state receives,” Williams said.

The group of supporters, which also includes Visit COS, has formed an issue committee called Citizens For Accountability. The chamber & EDC will manage the Issue 1 campaign.

Municipal ballots will be mailed March 12 and must be returned by 7 p.m. on election day, Tuesday, April 6.

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