The Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado warned consumers this week about the business practices of Heritage Cremation Provider LLC, following a BBB investigation of the company.

Heritage Cremation Provider LLC has an active license as a funeral home through the Department of Regulatory Affairs at the address of 1755 Telstar Drive, Ste 300 in Colorado Springs, which is a virtual office, and has the phone number 800-972-2070. Anthony Joseph (AJ) Damiano owns the company, and Joseph Damiano is the registered agent.

The company’s alternate business name is Legacy Funeral Services LLC.

The BBB has processed and closed 10 complaints against Heritage Cremation Provider (which is not a BBB-accredited business) – seven of those in the past 12 months, according to information from a press release.

“As BBB does not publish complaints until they are closed, the 10 complaints may not be all encompassing of the complaints received by BBB of Southern Colorado,” a news release stated.

BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints concerning customer service and delivery issues. Specifically, consumers allege the business fails to provide promised assistance or support for services.

“I’m not sure what they base their ratings on.  When you serve the amount of families we serve, you’re going to get complaints,” AJ Damiano said, but would not comment further.

“Complaints state the business quotes pricing for cremation services and after the services have been performed, withhold the remains unless additional fees are paid. Consumers also state they have to keep reaching out to the business to follow up on issues, contact the media or file complaints with BBB to get the matter resolved,” according to the release.

The release states that consumers have alleged the business is either late on the delivery or fails to deliver products. Several complainants stated they did not receive their full order; the business delivered the remains of their loved ones, but not the necessary death certificates.

Complaints have been received from across the country.

On May 26, 2015, the Florida government filed an immediate final order on Heritage Cremation Provider LLC, Legacy Funeral Services LLC, Anthony Joseph (AJ) Damiano, and Joseph Damiano, as they were conducting funeral-related services in the state of Florida without possessing a valid Florida license.

Currently, Heritage Cremation Provider has a “D-” rating from the BBB as a result of 1.) Its failure to be transparent about ownership, location or product/services offered. 2.) Government action against the business. 3.) Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.  4.) One complaint filed against business that was not resolved.

“BBB pro-actively identifies marketplace practices that are deceptive, misleading, unethical or should be called into question,” said Jonathan Liebert, CEO and executive director of Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado. “When a company fails to follow good business practices, we investigate them before informing the public. We hope this will help consumers be aware of substandard business practices, so they can take action to protect themselves.”

Click on this link to read the BBB Business Review of Heritage Cremation Provider LLC.