I don’t understand why the federal government keeps trying to stick its nose in our business here in Colorado. It seems like every few months or so, Congress or the Environmental Protection Agency keeps trying to take over regulation of our oil and gas industry. The state already does a bang up job but still, they keep trying. That’s why I’m glad that Governor John Hickenlooper has said that there is no link between hydraulic fracturing and groundwater contamination. It’snot like he was just blowing smoke either. He’s a trained geologist. Not to mention that many different agencies, the EPA, Ground Water Protection Council, COGCC have all stated there is no link. I hope that the EPA will back off — back off on the ozone standards, back off on the one size fits all regulations for hydraulic fracturing — back off because they are costing us our livelihoods and hurting our communities, and in this economy, we cannot afford it.

Stuart Cobb