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Leads Available in Excel:

Lead (frequency) Ave. # of leads
each week
Ave. cost per lead
(assuming yearly

subscription to 1 lead )
Warranty Deeds (daily) 186 $0.02
Deeds of Trust (daily) 351 $0.01
Notices of Election & Demand (daily) 61 $0.05
Marriage Certificates (daily) 92 $0.03
Disburser Notices (daily) 7 $0.44
Judgments (daily) 140 $0.02
Notices of Tax Lien (daily) 43 $0.07
Statements of Lien (daily) 40 $0.08
New Incorporations (weekly) 1,550 $0.002

What are these leads and what information do I get in the Excel file?

Leads What they are for Info Included
Warranty Deeds Shows properties that have recently been purchased, transfers ownership and conveys and warrants the title to property Sellers name, buyers name, company, address, zip, fee, reception no.
Deeds of Trust Shows when money is borrowed on a property – new conventional, FHA, VA, refinance or second loan Borrowers name, lender, company, address, zip, amount, reception no., type of loan
Notices of Election & Demand (foreclosures) Notification that foreclosure proceedings have begun, the loan is in default Owner name, lender, address, zip, amount, reception no., PT no., original reception no.
Marriage Certificates List of marriage certificates for El Paso County Bride and groom name, city/state they are from, mailing address, zip, date of marriage, recorded no.
Disburser Notices Tracks contractor payments from a financial institution during a construction project Contractor, address, property address, zip, disburser, reception no.
Judgments Civil suits filed against a person or company where a judgment has been rendered Debtor name, Debtor’s address, creditor name, reception no., case no., amount
Notices of Tax Lien Shows non payment of taxes by private parties and businesses – filed by IRS, CO Dept. of Labor, CO Dept. of Revenue or Colo Spgs Sales and Use Tax Debtor/Defendant name, defendant’s address, creditor/plaintiff name, reception no., tax ID (for businesses), amount
Statements of Lien Filed by businesses or HOA’s for non payment of services and dues and further putting a mechanics lien or statutory assessment lien against the person’s land or property in question Owner/debtor name, address, lien claimant, reception no., amount
New Incorporations Businesses in Colorado filing for new incorporation or renewing their current incorporation Corporation name, type, filing date, agent name, address, city, state, zip

How can I use these leads:

Leads How to use Who should use these
Warranty Deeds These are people that just bought a new home – they are going to need insurance or umbrella policies. They will probably be making changes and upgrades to the house – flooring, paint, appliances, new windows, garage doors, cabinets and hardware, interior decorators, etc. If they bought a brand new home chances are the backyard is unfinished and they’ll need everything from sprinklers to fences, even if the house isn’t new they might want a deck, waterfall, new trees, or someone to maintain their lawn each week.If you’re in banking hold on these – they get more valuable over time. Use these leads to offer a refinance, second mortgage or home equity loans. Title companies can use these to see what their competition is up to and decide if the need to step their marketing efforts.

Real estate agents can use this info to see where homes are selling, what your competition is doing, find investors that continually buy and resell or watch for builders buying new lots and work out a deal to be the Realtor for their homes.

Builders should watch these to see what their competition is up to and where homes are selling and what they’re going for.- Banks/Lending CompaniesInsurance providers

Home Improvement (retail stores, window, doors, garage doors, concrete, decks, appliances, carpet/flooring, etc.)

Home Repair/Handymen

Interior Designers

– Landscapers/Nurseries

Title Companies

Real Estate Agents

BuildersDeeds of TrustSee Warranty Deeds – these both can be used the same waySee aboveNotices of Election & Demand (foreclosures)These notices are a precursor to foreclosure – they let you know that these people are in default on their home loan and are having financial difficulties.Banks/financial institutes need these notices to see if customers are in trouble and about to default on a loan they are holding – if you have a 2nd mortgage or a home equity loan and see that that person is defaulting on their mortgage you know that your loan could be next.

Real estate agents can use these leads to find new clients – if they can’t pay their mortgage chances are they are looking to sell. If you’re looking to invest in real estate these people are good candidates – they may be looking to sell their home for whatever they can get to get out and you can probably get a great deal if you can cover the amount in default.

Financial counselors can target these people to help them work out a strategy to avoid foreclosure.- Banks/Financial InstitutionsReal Estate Agents

Real Estate Investors

– Financial Counselors

AttorneysMarriage CertificatesThese are people that have recently been married in El Paso County. These leads are great for almost any industry – think of what a newly married couple is going to need.

They are going to be combining everything so this is a good time to let them know about your services in case they are interested in switching: insurance (life, jewelry, home, cars), cell phone providers, bank accounts, credit cards, etc.

Real estate agents, title companies and builders should target these people who may be buying their first home or need to sell one of their homes to combine households. Home improvement and retail stores should contact the couples because chances are they’ll need new furniture, appliances, be making upgrades, decorating and more.- Banks/Lending CompaniesInsurance providers

Home Improvement (retail stores, window, doors, garage doors, concrete, decks, interior designers, appliances, carpet/flooring, etc.)


Title Companies

Interior Designers

– Landscapers/Nurseries

Real Estate Agents


Mary Kay, Avon, etc.Disburser NoticesThese notices track contractor payments from a financial institution during a construction project. A lot of the contractors are home builders so any company that provides building materials, contractors, sub-contractors, etc should contact these companies.

Contact the builder and let them know what materials you supply, about the trash removal services you offer or the areas your contractors specialize in (roofing, drywall, painting, etc.)

Interior designers and landscapers should talk to the builders about plans after the house is built – they will want to landscape the yard before it is sold and many builders stage their model homes with furniture so this is a great time for interior designers to work with the builder.– Building Material Suppliers

– Trash/Waste Removal Co’s

– Contractors/Sub-Contractors

– Interior Designers

– Landscapers

– Home Improvement/Repair

– Sign/Print Shops
JudgmentsThese notices show civil suits filed against a person or company where a judgment has been rendered. Financial counselors should use these leads to help the people with the judgment against them.

Banks and financial institutions should watch this list to see if any of their customers on this list – if they are it’s possible they may have a hard time making mortgage/loan payments. Also, any company that issues credit to the public (auto dealers, furniture/electronic stores, department stores) – these people might have difficulty paying off credit cards with your company- Banks/Financial Institutions

– Financial Counselors

Credit Card Companies

– Companies that issue credit to the publicNotices of Tax LienThese leads show non payment of taxes by private parties and businesses which can mean these companies/individuals are having financial difficulty or are unwilling to pay taxes.

Banks and financial institutions can watch these to see if their customers appear on this list – if they aren’t paying their taxes chances are their loan or mortgage is next.

Businesses and entrepreneurs should be watching these – see if a business you are competing against or would like to buy is in financial trouble. If they are going under now is a good time to make them an offer or buy up some of their assets.- Banks/Financial Institutions– Financial Counselors

All Businesses

– Entrepreneurs

InvestorsStatements of LienThese liens show an unwillingness to pay for services, products etc. If you are a business you probably want to keep a list of individuals that don’t pay for services so that if you work with them in the future you know to require payment upfront.– All Businesses
Banks/Financial Institutions

– Financial CounselorsNew IncorporationsThese are businesses in Colorado filing for new incorporation or renewing their current incorporation. This list is great for pretty much any industry – if you target business owners for your services or products these are great leads.

These are also people that could be looking for real estate for their new business, insurance, office supplies/furniture, advertising or PR companies, business counselors, loans, investors, printing and sign shops, suppliers and so much more.

New businesses are most likely starting from scratch so they’ll need everything a current business owner needs.– All Businesses (see ideas to left)

Subscription Options:

1 Lead emailed for 3 months – $50
1 Lead emailed for 1 year – $160

3 Leads emailed for 3 months – $130
3 Leads emailed for 1 year – $400

All 9 Leads emailed for 3 months – $300

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