The delivery will be videotaped and “choice segments” will be available online – because there is no doubt that people will log on to watch, because we’ve become a voyeuristic society.
Small businesses with fewer than 20 employees annually spend $1,304 per employee to comply with federal income tax regulations. That is almost twice as much as large firms spend.
Every now and then I come across something in my e-mail that really catches my attention. Last week, I received an e-mail from Executive & Professional Research. The subject line read: Your invitation for inclusion in the Executive & Professional Registries. The text was even more impressive: “It is with great pleasure that we extend you an invitation to be included in the forthcoming Inaugural Edition of the 2006-2007 Prestige Executive & Professional Registries.”
Time and again, Enron executives placed their wishes above the facts. And as they experienced failure after failure, they deluded themselves into believing that any losses would somehow be overcome with massive profits in the future.
Congress will soon begin debating about the value of expanding trade with our friends in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. From the perspective of a former small business owner, the prospect of expanding trade opportunities through the Dominican Republic-Central American Free...
I’m out of touch. The only consolation is that I’m in fairly good company — at least professionally. You see, according to a poll released by Zogby International a couple weeks ago, 67 percent of Americans believe that traditional journalism is out of touch with what Americans want from their news. And, you know, I can’t really argue that point. My siblings in the Fourth Estate by and large do seem to operate on an alternate plane with frightful regularity.
Now that the Thanksgiving holiday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us, it’s probably not too early to start thinking about holiday gift giving. Sitting atop the stack of possible column ideas on my desk is the 2007 Holiday Jewelry Trends forecast from lia sophia’s vice president of sales, Bonni Davis.
One of the fastest growing types of phone service is called Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. In fact, The Forrester Research Group predicts that nearly five million U.S. households will have VoIP phone service by the end of 2006. The biggest draws for the home and business users of VoIP are price and flexibility. VoIP is certainly less expensive than most traditional phone services, and offers many options not available through those services. For example, users have the ability to check voicemail or place calls from a PC outside of one’s home or business.
We were glad to learn that City Council chose Penny Culbreth-Graft as our new city manager, replacing the recently retired Lorne Kramer. We particularly congratulate council on breaking the “glass ceiling” by appointing a woman to the city’s highest post.
It’s nice to see that the Downtown Partnership and the Greater Downtown Business Improvement District are going to subsidize the Colorado Springs Police Department and rid downtown of its homeless population. According to an e-mail sent to “Downtowners” from the Downtown Partnership, the groups have decided to get tough with the “escalating presence of the street population in downtown” by hiring “off-duty police officers to patrol the downtown area.”
Throughout the housing crisis, we have heard demands from spokesmen for desperate homeowners, banks and investors for every variety of government bailout. But there is one group from whom the nation has not heard: the millions of Americans who, like me, had nothing to do with the crisis, who entered into mortgage contracts they could meet or who refused to buy at exorbitant prices, but who will be forced to pay the bills for these bailouts. If we had a spokesman, this is what I wish he would say.
Lap after lap in the pool. Hour after hour in the weight room. Countless repetitions to get the technique just right. Buckets of sweat. Aching muscles. Unending focus and determination. The years of preparation are about to pay off for hundreds of athletes when the Olympic Games kick off in Beijing next week.